Eating White Bread = Bowel Cleanse

It’s lunch time. You see your co-workers leave and take out a Big Mac from McDonalds. Hmmph, you scowled, as you head over to the deli to pick up a healthier option: a white bread sandwich. But wait a second.. is that sandwich really that much healthier than a Big Mac?

Commercial bread is one staple humans have consumed since we’ve existed. You know the phrase: It’s the best thing since sliced bread. So, it must be good for us, right? Unfortunately, the answer is not for everyone. What is good for someone can be someone else’s posion.

White bread, gluten-containing bread, and any commercial bread in that case can be toxic to certain people who cannot digest it.

Think about what bread is made of: -Chemical softeners -Whiteners -Refined Flour -Preservers -Chemicals to prevent fungal growth -Partially hydrogenated oils -Caramel coloring – know what makes some bread browner in color than others? Sometimes it’s not because one is “whole-grain”, and the other isn’t. -Calcium sulfate. A chemical that has been showed to cause migraines.

White bread is made up of refined flour and has very little nutrients. All the fiber is stripped out, as well as all the essential fatty acids when it is produced from the raw grains during milling. Grains are nutritious, but when it is radically transformed by manmade machines, and mixed with poisonous carcinogenic chemicals, it is made toxic.

Consuming white bread will: -Weaken our immune system -Add toxins to our body, which can lead to cancer. Can cause hormonal imbalance due to pesticides added to bread. There have been theories postulated that girls and boys are reaching puberty at earlier ages because they consume so much white bread. Can cause diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. – Clog up our large intestines, leading to mucoid plaque.

The last harmful effect of white bread is what I’ll focus on. Since white bread is made up of so many undigestable substances, is stripped of its fiber during milling, and contains a sticky protein called gluten, it just clings onto the intestinal walls, clogging up our colon. Of course, eating white bread once a year will do us no harm since very little mucoid plaque will accumulate.

But years and years of consuming white bread, and foods with refined flour will eventually lead to a buildup of mucoid plaque, which will of course lead to an attraction of toxins, fecal matter, and impurities. The end result of eating white bread?

-Malnutrition. Your body can’t absorb all nutrients from foods when your colon is clogged up. -Constipation. This leads to wastes staying in your colon for longer periods of times, which puts you at greater risk for absorbing toxins. -A whole array of diseases from the mucoid plaque and toxins.

If you’ve managed to eat an all-raw diet, avoid most breads, and have no physical ailments, or symptoms, you probably don’t need to do any bowel cleansing. For most of us though, a healthier diet will not cure us of a clogged colon: only cleansing will help.

Many people have told me all the disgusting matter they see in their bowels after cleansing such as parasites, gunk, mucoid plaque, bacteria, hard disk-like substances, etc. When I first start cleansing, I couldn’t believe that these were the things that were stuck in my colon. It wasn’t until I researched into cleansing, nutrition, and detoxification that I realized the long-term detrimental effects of consuming unnatural foods such as white bread, and refined flour.

When people ask me “Why do I need to do a bowel cleanse ?”, this is one of the examples I cite. More than 80% of us eat white bread on a regular basis (or cakes, sweets, bagels, and other foods with refined flour). Constantly consuming these foods on a daily basis will lead to mucoid plaque, and a colon filled with toxins. We need to start eating natural foods that can actually be digested by the human body. But before we do that, we need to do a bowel cleanse.

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