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I have posted several picture of hemorrhoids cases. But a warning to those who are quite squeamish when it comes to graphic images… if you don’t want to see nasty, disgusting picture , then please leave the site. However there are those that want to be educated, so I hope these picture of hemorrhoids will prove useful to some people.

Here is a diagram that shows the difference between an internal hemorrhoid and an external hemorrhoid.

Internal hemorrhoids don’t usually hurt much. They are hidden deep inside your rectum. Internal hemorrhoids are not considered serious, but in all cases consulting a doctor is the best decision.

External hemorrhoids are very common and can indeed hurt. They can cause extreme pain, and itching. If you have external hemorrhoids, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Here are some pictures of advanced treatments/surgery for hemorrhoids. This is the PPH procedure. It was created in the early 90’s. It uses a circular staping device to lessen the prolapse of hemorrhoidal tissue. Although this picture of hemorrhoids makes you think the procedure hurts, it really doesn’t. In fact, people experience much less pain compared to other techniques and procedures.

Other forms of surgery/treatment for hemorrhoids include sclerotherapy, which involves injecting chemicals to decrease the size of the hemorrhoid. Or, you could be subjected to infrared light, which cuts off the blood circulating to the internal hemorrhoids. All of these are potential options if you have severe hemorrhoids that are very painful and consistenly bleeding.

For most people, surgery is usually not needed, so this is definitely not the norm. Most people get better by trying over-the-counter medication, or ointments. As always, consult your doctor as to what treatment you should try.

To treat hemorrhoids, you should also understand the causes of this common ailment. Some common causes include: -Forcing your bowels out, constipation. -Sitting a lot. Please take a break often if you work in an office. Sitting in a chair for 8 hours straight is not healthy at all. -Pregnancy often causes hemorrhoids. -A bad diet that is low on fiber. -Not going when you have to. If you have to empty your bowels, don’t delay it! Just go. -Reading on the toilet, although this is very controversial and does not have a lot of substantial evidence surrounding it. In any case, it’s best not to do so because sitting too long in the toilet causes you to STRAIN.

Here is a picture of hemorrhoid and its formation. You can see the prolapsing internal hemorrhoid as well as an external hemorrhoid.

Here is an extremely nasty picture of hemorrhoids internally. You can see the inflammation of the veins around the rectum. This is of course an external hemorrhoid.

Here are two pictures of internal and external hemorrhoids side-by-side.

Hemorrhoids, as you can see is a very nasty and potentially serious disease. Even though it’s quite common, one should never sit and do nothing about it.

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