Another Cleasing Regimen: Triphala

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In addition to taking a P&B; shake, and Oxypowder, there are also some alternative colon cleansing regimens you can try. One of them include taking an Ayurvedic herb called “Triphala”. Is Triphala superior to Oxypowder or P&B; shakes? Yes, and no. I am mentioning this formula because different things work different people. Just like foods, Oxypowder might work on someone’s body, but for other’s Psyllium Husk is better. It’s important to try other ideas if one cleansing regimen is not working.

To understand why Triphala works for colon cleansing, let me explain Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda basicallys states that the food that is digested in the stomach is used to supply energy to the blood and lymphatic system. Some foods just go directly to our bloodstream, such as alcoholic beverages, and sweet honey as soon as we finish eating it.

Food in our small intestines, on the other hand helps rebuilds our muscles and fats. We don’t drink a bunch of protein shakes or protein bars will immediately make us strong – it takes time to build muscle mass.

Food that is in our colon is used to replenish the “precious” parts of our bodies such as our hair, fingernails, toenails, etc. These parts are not essential organs, but if our colon is clogged with refined flour, mucoid plaque, and toxins, these parts will not get all its necessary nutrients to rebuild.

When our colon is toxic, we have gas, which can cause shooting pains, and spasms. Our bowels become dry, leading to constipation, and this effect can be seen in our brittle, weak fingernails, dry skin, and hair, and weak joints. No wonder, people with eczema and skin problems recover nicely when they start colon cleansing.

Triphala helps because it stimulates the intestinal walls, and encourages peristalsis. It acts as a very mild laxative, stregthens, and tonifies the colon. Many herbalists believe Triphala not only rejuvenates the colon, but other organs and ducts such as the small intestines. There is no doubt, however that taking Triphala leads to excellent digestion regulation, and an end to constipation.

Triphala is not like commercial laxatives at all in that it actually provides nutrients as well as having laxative properties. Here are some other benefits of taking Triphala in addition to colon cleansing:

-reduces cholesterol levels -regulates circulation -reduces inflammation -provides internal cleansing -purifies the blood -reduces blood pressure -improves liver health -stimulates bile flow -contains Vitamin C, and linoleic oil

In fact, Triphala is often prescribed not only for constipation, but for many only illnesses due to the many nutrients it contains. Unlike laxatives, Triphala does not deplete the body of valuable nutrients and vitamins such as B vitamins. It does not cause dependency, and has no side effects.

To start cleansing the colon with Triphala, one should buy a commercial product such as Triphala Internal Cleanser, which is available in some health stores and online. One should always take Triphala in the powder form. People usually take 1-2 teaspoons of Triphala mixed with some water 1-3 times per day. Since it is very nutritious and energizing, some people also take it regularly once a week for good health. Whether it’s for colon cleansing, or maintaining excellent health, Triphala replenishes our inner organs and is an excellent detoxifier.

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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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