Any Dangers to Colon Cleansing?

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Is there a danger of colon cleansing?

People who claim there are a lot of danger of colon cleansing usually make these points:

1. Potential Danger #1: “Getting an enema or colonic can lead to too much absorption of water, and will wash away precious nutrients, which can lead to an imbalance of chemicals, and a weakening of the colon walls. The result? You experience stomach pain, and vomiting. You can also get a potential infection from the unclean equipment.”

This is false. During a colonic, you only absorb as much water as drinking two glasses of water during a colonic. The only time you should be concerned if you are experiencing complete kidney failure. This is not a valid danger of colon cleansing.

A colonic might wash away some precious nutrients out of our body but this is never a major problem, and a minor short-term issue. A colonic washes out impurities and toxic substances out of your colon, providing a clean, friendly environment.

A clean colon can harbor good bacteria and intestinal flora better than a toxic one. This is why the intestines of a newborn baby starts to grow intestinal flora – because of their clean colons. If we keep our colons clogged up, nutrients will never be absorbed as properly. Washing away a few nutrients will not cause any problems because we will be absorbing MORE nutrients afterwards.

Getting a colonic or enema doesn’t weaken the colon – in fact the opposite happens: your colon gets stronger because the flow of water into your colon stimulates peristalsis. When you get a colonic, your colon no longer becomes sluggish: it becomes more efficient in transporting toxic matter out of your system.

In addition, the colonic equipment in hydrotherapy is always sterialized, and washed before the session is conducted.

2. Potential Danger #2: Taking laxatives can cause dependency, and the colon will lose its natural ability to empty toxic matter.

This is a valid point, but only applies to laxatives such as saline laxatives, and laxative teas with sennas. P&B; shakes do not cause this dependency at all: I’ve taken them for months, and they never caused any dependency for me – my colon works fine if I don’t use them.

Triphala is also not even considered a laxative by some herbalists because of the powerful nutrients it contains. It also does not cause your colon to lose its natural function. Colon cleansing does not involve taking other harmful, dependency-producing forms of laxatives.

3. Colon cleansing is completely unnecessary – the colon already knows how to do its job. It doesn’t need P&B; shakes to help.

The colon definitely knows how to get rid of toxic matter… if we eat an all-natural diet. But of course, many of us don’t. Years of consuming processed foods – (foods our colon was not meant to store) will lead to clogged, toxic colon. To revert it back to its natural state, we must do colon cleansing.

Here’s another way of looking at it: Our lungs’ natural function is to breathe in air, and breathe out toxins, right? Well, if you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday for 30 years, do you think our lungs will continue to do its “natural function” 100% effectively? When we subject our bodies to outside stimuli such as smoking, pollution, and a fake diet, our organs will suffer, which makes cleansing necessary.

Colon cleansing has absolutely no dangers associated with it. And it’s obvious why: we’re just consuming natural herbs such as Psyllium Husk. There’s no drugs or over the counter medicine involved. There is no danger of colon cleansing , so you should not worry. Cleansing can only help.

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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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