Pollution and Toxins

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Air Pollution, Water Pollution…

We’re surrounded by polluted chemicals everywhere we go, it seems. Human beings have never been subjected to this much toxic substances on a daily basis.

Think about the pollution you inhale as you commute everyday. These chemicals get into our lungs, and build up in our cells and organs. They don’t just disappear – they remain inside us practically forever! Of course, we’ve all heard about the effects of secondary smoke and lung cancer, but there are other detrimental effects.

How Polluted are we?

Well, it may disgust you, but researchers at a major lab did a study, in which they examined 9 volunteers (none of which smoked or worked in factories). They found out that each one had around 91 chemicals in their body. Chemicals that can cause damage to our cells.

Chemicals that can cause cancer.

It’s not just air pollution too. There are chemicals in our water, our own houses, and even our own foods. There are chemicals in everyday products such as detergents, computers, televisions, etc. These chemicals eventually will lead to:

-Cancer -Damage to our brain/nervous system -Birth defects -a weakened immune system -damage to reproduction system -a hormonal imbalance

The scary thing is not the effect each of these chemicals might pose on our cells, but how different toxins will interact together. For instance, how will the chemicals in the air interact with the pesticides in our fruit?

No such thing as Healthy food?

Pesticides and herbicides are also a huge issue nowadays. It is hard to find completely healthy fruit in a normal supermarket. Chances are they’d been sprayed with thousands of different chemicals. The meat we eat are full of different hormones. The fish we eat are full of mercy due to heavy metal toxicity.

Add external toxins to the toxins already produced in our body when we aren’t digesting food properly, and we have a complete mess in our body: a chemistry experiment. We must start detoxifying our bodies if we want to live healthier, fuller lives. We can start with colon cleansing, but that may not be enough. Liver, parasite, candida, and kidney cleansing might be appropriate for those with very severe chronic symptoms.

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