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Thanksgiving is over, and hopefully you’ve had some delicious Pumpkin pie, some delectable cranberry sauce, and some mouth-watering, juicy, satisfying turkey. The days after Thanksgiving is a time for shopping, and hunting for bargains. It’s also the perfect time to start colon cleansing. Stuffing ourselves with good food is something that we all need to do once in awhile, but if we want to keep our colon healthy, and in top shape, we have to do a little cleansing afterwards.

Here is a step-by-step guide for all you beginners who are new to colon cleansing. It involves using Colonix, which is a colon cleanser. There are other methods to cleanse, but they involve making your own fiber shakes, which can be time-consuming for some. For most people, the simplest way to start cleansing is to use Colonix, which is as good an alternative.

Before the Cleanse


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. (and Toxinout, if you want an even complete cleanse). The Entire Program comes with Paranil, a parasite cleanser, Colonix Intestinal Cleanser (fiber shake), and KleriTea (aiding bowel movements).

2. Give up any unnecessary medication you do not need to take (Consult your physician if you feel the need to).

3. Discontinue taking any black tea, coffee, and caffeinated drinks such as soda.

4. You may have a one-day juice fast, or some sort of fast beforehand, although that is truly up to you. This is optional. 5. Stop eating all bad foods such as refined foods, meats filled with hormones, and junk food. Start eating clean, nutritious foods.

The Cleansing Regimen


1. Paranil

Before you eat anything, take 2 Paranil capsules, and gulp it down with a large glass or water (8 ounces). While taking Colonix, you must take at least 8 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration. Avoid black tea, coffee, and caffeinated beverages. Soups, broths and juices are okay.

2. Colonix Cleanser

Fifteen minutes after taking Paranil, you now need to take the Colonix cleanser. Using the scoop that comes with the entire box, take 1/2 scoop of the fiber, and mix it thoroughly with any liquids. You can mix this with water, juice, or milk. Based on my experience, I highly recommend you try mixing this with orange juice, or apple juice. It simply makes it taste a bit better, than mixing it with regular water. Gulp down and swallow the entire fiber shake immediately. If you let it sit still for awhile, it will be too thick, and you will have to make a new shake. After gulping everything down, follow it up with another large glass of water.

After 5-15 minutes, you can eat something for breakfast. If you’re not in a rush, you should wait a little longer. If you’re taking any necessary medications (necessary is the keyword, if you don’t have to take it, do not take it), take them a hour or so after taking the shake. Talk with your physician about this if you’re not sure.

Throughout the Day

You must drink a lot of good liquids while taking Colonix. As a rule of thumb, always consume glasses of water in 1 day. No more, no less. If you live in a very hot place, and sweat often throughout the day, you may drink a bit more. It’s sad how little water we drink. We need more water than necessary while cleansing because the fiber actually absorbs a lot of water from our system. If you don’t replace the fluids, you will become dehydrated, and that is not a pleasant experience.

At Night

Right before heading to bed, mix a bag of KleriTea (that comes with the program) in a glass of hot water for 2-3 minutes (use boiled water, and cool it with cold water). This tea will help your digestive system digest the dinner you just ate, and aid in fast transit of toxins. It has a nice, soothing effect on your liver and bowels, and relaxes and calms your body, so that you can sleep well.

As soon as you wake up, you may feel an urge to have a bowel movement. KleriTea aids in the elimination of your bowels, by expeling fecal matter, and harmful toxins out of your system.

From Day 6 – Day 30

1. ParaNil

When you wake up, in the morning, consume Four Paranil capsules. Take it with a large glass of water, and ensure you do not eat anything beforehand.

2. Colonix Cleanser

15-20 minutes after Paranil, take the Colonix Cleanser. Mix 1 scoop of it with water, fruit juice, or milk. Again, drink it quickly because it will become undrinkable if you don’t. Drink another glass of water immediately afterwards, as some of the fiber may clog your throat.

3. KleriTea

Before sleeping, drink the KleriTea as usual. But you need to experiment with how long you soak the tea bag. Experiment with 1-2 minutes, to 5-10 mins. Are you having a healthy bowel movement the morning after? If so, your dosage is just right.

Day 31-90

After your first month of colon cleansing, discontinue taking Paranil and Kleritea for 5 whole days. Just take the Colonix fiber as per directions. After 5 days, you may continue taking Paranil and drink the KleriTea before heading to bed.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Cleansing

1. Remember to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. You also need some electrolytes so consider consuming soups and broths.

2. Consider supplementing with Vitamin C as it really gives your body a much needed boost. It also helps eases the detox effects associated with colon cleansing.

3. Nutritious Yeast Flakes are also another good supplement you may want to use while bowel cleansing. You can drink this mixed with juice, or milk. You can even mix it with your Colonix fiber shake if you wish. It is second to raw egg yolks in terms of its nutritional value. I even eat it with cereal sometimes – it tastes soo good.

4. Do Rebounding. You may need to buy a tramboline, but it’s worth it. This really helps gets rid of those toxins out much faster, as you sweat a lot. If you can’t afford one, just jog regularly.

5. Practice proper digestive tips such as chewing food thoroughly, taking digestive enzymes if your stomach acid is weak, using spices such as ginger when preparing constipation-inducing foods, and eating in a calm, stress-free environment.

6. Get a colonic or enema done regularly. Buy an enema bag, or go to a colonic center to get a colon hydrotherapy. This is necessary, because toxins/fecal matter can become stuck near our rectum. If they aren’t removed, they will eventually return back to our bloodstream, wrecking even more havoc.

The easiest, simplest, and most hassle-free way for you to start cleansing and cleaning your body is to use Colonix, and follow these directions for 3 months. You can get Colonix here.

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