Dual Action Cleanse Review

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Dual Action Cleanse

is a relatively new product. My good friend, Carol Jenkins (who’s also a herbalist) bought it three months ago, and she was kind enough to submit her review on how effective Dual Action Cleanse was in cleansing the colon.

Colonix and OxyPowder were 2 products I tried before, but I wanted to see if there was another product out there that was even more effective (I demand quality!).

My verdict? It’s a shoddy, ineffective cleanser that is just a total scam. To date, the best colon cleansing product I’ve tried is still the Colonix Program, a natural colon cleansing kit that will leave you clean and completely healthy.

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So I bought a few orders. Dual Action Cleanse is basically a 2-part system (Colon Clear and Total Body Purifier) that aids in eliminating wastes without constipation, straining, or loose stools.

It cleanses the entire system, and aids in healthier bowel movements. It can be used as part of a colon cleansing regimen, but can also be used to maintain good colon health. They also claim you will have healthier eyes, skin, hair, and nails, as well as more energy.

I tried Dual Action Cleanse for 1 month. I took the formula a half hour before breakfast and dinner everyday for 30 days. I changed my diet, per directions to a high-fiber diet, which included more veggies, fruits and whole grains. I also drank 8 glasses of water everyday. And of course, I took a probiotic such as Latero-Flora, and good oil such as Oregano Oil everyday since cleansing is so demanding on your system.

So what were my results? Well, I really wanted to like Dual Action Cleanse, but unfortunately in the end I was rather disappointed with the results. My results with Dual Action Cleanse was marginal, at best.

There was a stretch of 3 days when I just had 1 bowel movement… instead of the 2-3 they claim. It got a tad better as I kept using it, but I had to strain in order to have 1 bowel movement a day.

In addition, Dual Action Cleanse claimed to stop bloating. Well this wasn’t the case for me. I still had bloating problems at night (which prevented me from sleeping) even after taking Dual Action Colon Cleanse for 1 month. It was frustrating and led me to stop taking the cleanser, and take Colonix instead.

So those were my top 2 complaints: It did not stop my bloating and did not lead to healthier bowel movements.

In addition, the website just seemed devoid and barren. There was absolutely no information about how to use the product effectively, what to eat during the cleanse, and when to stop. I tried calling one of their so-called hotlines, but noone gave me any useful advice. Unlike other websites, they don’t bother to educate the beginner to the why and how of colon cleansing, but just want you to spend your hard-earned cash.

Dual Action Cleanse might definitely work for some people, but so far I’ve only had bad things to say about it, as well as Angela Chang. Some people claim the product is simply a gimmick, and a scam, but I doubt it. It simply is just a mediocre product. I would give it a rating of 3/10. Consider using other alternatives if you can! Beware the Dual Action Cleanse scam.

How Does This Compare With Other Products?

Overall, I have to say I was very disappointed with this colon cleansing kit. There are many other products that are superior in every way, such as Colonix, which is the best cleanser as it has helped me lose weight, relieve constipation and cure my candida. OxyPowder is my second-favorite cleanser. Both beat DualAction hands-down for home colon cleansing!

Colonix, in particular is one product most people use when bowel cleansing. It also comes with a parasite cleanser, which is great since parasite cleansing is just as important as colon cleansing. Most people, after 3 months usually experience no constipation, bloating, and an end to their chronic ailments. For me, it was an end to a 12-year battle with candida albicans, a parasite infection, and chronic acne.

Want to Start Cleansing?

If you are looking to finally start cleansing your body of harmful toxins, and mcuoid plaque, the easiest and most effective way is to try Dr Natura’s Colonix Program. As a complete cleansing program, it will help eliminate acne, get rid of candida, relieve constipation, rejuvenate your health, and lose weight. I recommend you learn more about Colonix, or you will regret it later..

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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