Almighty Cleanse Testimonials

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Almighty Colon Cleanse Testimonials

Almighty Colon Cleanse is a very new colon cleanser that has been heavily marketed this year. Many of you have probably seen it in ITV infomercials and advertisements. Some of my visitors have been kind enough to send me their testimonials and opinions of this product. So should you use this cleanser for your bowel cleansing regimen? Read these Almighty Colon Cleanse testimonials and decide for yourself:

“Hi Angela. I bumped upon your site last month, and want to thank you for your wonderful kind advice. You convinced me that colon cleansing was the first step to revitalizing my health. So, I surfed online to investigate what colon cleanser I should buy. There were many options I considered such as OxyPowder, which worked for you, Colonix, 7 Day Cleanser, and Almighty Colon Cleanser. I also considered buying Exreme Colon Cleanser from GNC.

One day I saw an ITV infomercial about a cleanser called the Almighty Cleanse ITV. The guy in the show Danny Vierra sounded very convincing, and they claimed their product would make your colon as clean as white snow (sounded too good to be true, right).

So I went ahead and bought a month’s supply of the Almighty Cleanse. I was eager to start cleansing, and made sure to follow all the directions carefully. I also made sure I did regular rebounding, drank tons of liquid and got enemas done while colon cleansing too (thanks for all the articles!).

Well, I took Almighty Cleanse for 1 month, and it left a lot to be desired. The product is convenient to take, and the taste isn’t that bad, but it simply did not work for me. Prior to taking it, I only had 2 bowel movements every week. I went to the doctor and he told me to take some fiber supplements. I took them with no avail. I didn’t want to take any dangerous laxatives since I knew they would cause dependency, so colon cleansing was the path for me.

After a month, my bowel movements were still irregular. I just had 2 per week, and I don’t know what I am going to do now. I guess I will have to return to my doctor, but he will just give me more pills to take. I am hearing good things about OxyPowder, so I might give that product a try.

If your visitors are reading it, I would tell them to stay away from the Almighty Cleanse, and try other options. If the product is working for them though, I guess they should continue using it. Maybe it’s just me.. but almighty cleansing was just a complete nightmare for me.”

Written by Bob Jacobs

“I took Almighty Cleanse for my cleansing program everyday the past 2 weeks, and just wanted to tell you what my opinion is of it so far.

The reason I want to do colon cleansing is because of my constant feeling of being tired, and brain fog. Everyday after work, I just dropped down to bed, or just sit on my couch and watch TV. It’s unhealthy and sick, I know, but I just feel so tired all the time.

I wanted to change that so I decided to try Almighty Cleanse. I bought some bottles, and am currently in Week 2 of the regimen.

So far, the results are pretty bad. The first 2 days, I just threw up and felt so sick, I thought I was going to die. I called customer service, but they said it had nothing to do with their product. I ended up getting into a really long winded argument with their service people, and demanded a refund. Unfortunately, it got pretty ugly. They said they were going to give me money back within a few days.

After 1 week, I still did not get anything back from them. I called them again and this time they told me I never requested my money back. Not only were these guys unhelpful, and arrogant, but they were liars too, it seems. I requested I talk to their managers or whoever was in charge of this scam of a product, but they refused. I don’t think i can tell you what they told me, but it really offended me.

When I asked them what the main almighty cleanse ingredient was, none of them could answer me. These guys don’t even know what its made out of! They just put together some “herbs” and powder and mixed it all up, and sell the formula to gullible people.

For those of you who are thinking of buying this product, know it’s just not me who have had a bad experience with their product AND customer service. I investigated online as to whether others had the same experience, and bumped into a few webpages and blogs that basically called the Almighty Colon Cleanse a scam. So it’s definitely not just me.

I should’ve done a lot more reading and investigation before I bought this product. If you have not bought this cleanser yet, just avoid it at all costs and choose a better one such as OxyPowder or Colonix. Save your money, folks – Almighty Colon Cleanse is a waste.”

Written by Jimmy Cameron

It seems the majority of people who have tried this product have nothing but bad things to say about it. I’d save my money and spend it on a high quality colon cleanser instead. The first time I cleansed, I used a comprehensive cleansing kit called Colonix. It not only removes toxins from your system, but cleanses your body of harmful parasites, which is

crucial to long-term health

. Read my

Colonix Review here


If you don’t have time and lead a busy lifestyle the easiest and most effective way to start cleansing is to simply try a colon cleanser such as the Colonix Program, which personally helped me kill my candida infection, parasites, and eliminated my chronic acne. It is the best colon cleanser out there, as it acts as a colon cleanser

and parasite cleanser

. If you’re looking for an oxygen-based cleanser, then perhaps you should

take a look at Oxy-Powder


The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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