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I was very surprised to see an ITV infomercial for yet another colon cleanser a few months ago. It was for this product called The Almighty Cleanse The infomercial basically discussed all the basics of why we need to cleanse. The speaker in the infomercial was a familiar face: Danny Vierra, who is a health and nutrition expert. Since I always want to try different things, I decided to give Almighty Cleanse a try. My testimony? It’s a mediocre product that is just a total scam. To date, the best colon cleanser I’ve tried is still the Colonix Program, a natural colon cleansing kit that will leave you clean and completely healthy.

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First off, the Almighty Cleanse (or The All Mighty Cleanse) claims to completely clean out your colon and GI tract, making it as clean as “white snow”. It also claims it can make you feel lighter, put an end to bloating, and act as a colon detox.

The logic behind the Almighty Cleanse is sound. Cleansing can remove mucoid plaque, and lead to better absorption of nutrients, faster transit times and removal of toxins from the body (which ultimately leads to the end of toxic diseases such as acne and leaky gut syndrome). Unlike laxatives, cleansing can induce healthy bowel movements without harmful side effects. The effectiveness of this colon cleansing product is another matter though.

I followed the steps outlined in the directions, and took the the Almighty Cleanse everyday for 30 days. Before the cleanse, however, I did do a 3-day juice fast, and ate nothing but Kichadi. Usually a fast is not necessary before cleansing, but since my diet was so bad recently, I thought fasting would benefit.

– The Almighty Cleanse does not have a bad taste unlike other products, and you can take in if you’re traveling or on the road.

– However, it does have some very bad side effects, which they don’t tell you. Sometimes during the day, without any notice, I feel the urge to throw up. I don’t ever throw up, but I feel the need to. This feeling sometimes lasts for up to 2 minutes. I usually have to drink a lot of water to stop myself from throwing up. So, you have to carry a bottle of water with you at all times, which is a real nuisance.

– Another side effect is some weight gain. You would expect to lose weight during the cleansing regimen, but I gained 8 lbs in a month. This was because my appetite increased for some strange reason. With other colon cleansers, I usually lost more than 10 lbs after 1 month.

– After a week, I started to get more bowel movements. After 2 weeks however, the extra bowel movements stopped. I had trouble having just 1 movement a day. Instead of feeling “lighter” after the cleanse, I still felt very bloated. I felt the Almighty Cleanse added to my bloating, instead of decreasing it.

– No mucoid plaque ever got out as well. I highly doubt there wasn’t any plaque in my colons, because for weeks beforehand I ate a ton of unhealthy junk food during my honeymoon (cakes, cookies, tons of chocolate).

– Another major complaint/gripe I had about the Almighty Cleanser was that they gave so little information when they promoted it. What were the main ingredients? How did it actually work in cleansing the colon (was it an oxygen-based or fiber-based product). All I heard were raves and unproven claims that it could completely cleanse the colon. There was absolutely little to no evidence or specific information that could backup their claims.

– After visiting other blogs and reviews online, it appears others also agree with me. Almighty Cleanse is a very mediocre product that does almost nothing it claims. There seems to be a lot of angry people who hate the product, so it’s not just me that dislikes the Almighty Cleanse.


Overall, I have to say I was very disappointed with the the Almighty Cleanse. There are many other products that are superior in every way to the Almighty Cleanse. However, I want to stress if you are currently taking it, and are experiencing good results with it, by all means

continue taking it


For me, Colonix is still the most effective colon cleanser I’ve used, helping me to eliminate candida, gain more energy, and lose weight. A few years ago, my health and body was so bad, I contemplated committing suicide. It wasn’t until I did a colon cleanse with Colonix, that my candida was gone… my chronic acne disappeared, and my candida infection was cured.

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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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