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Weight loss is a huge issue in society. I took the time to compile some weight loss reviews of various weight loss pills. Find out which weight loss pills you should try.

Before I begin reviewing these

weight loss

supplements, I want to start by saying that no weight loss formula, or pill will ever work if you don’t plan on improving your diet, and getting regular exercise. I know it’s a cliche, but the key to weight loss is in eating less “junk”, and more natural, whole, organic foods. Exercise and working out can be a bore, but there are plenty of enjoyable sports out there such as ping-pong, and bouncing you can try.

On to the weight loss supplement reviews.


Rating: 5/5


: $59.95

About Slimirex


Slimirex is an all-natural weight loss supplement that was developed by Dr. Group. Unlike normal weight loss supplements, Slimirex is made of various herbal, Ayurevedic, and Chinese herbs to eliminate weight loss permanently.

Some of the ingredients that make this weight loss supplement so effective are: Slimaluna, which is used in India to suppress your appetite, Super Citrimax, which does the same thing as well, and Advantra, an ancient Chinese herb that helps promote burning of fat, and the creation of lean muscle.

You have to take 3 capsules of Slimirex approximately 15-20 mins before a meal. Some people also remark that Slimirex also gives them the added benefit of extra energy, in addition to weight loss. You will have to take it to see if this has the same effect for you.



“Slimirex did work for me, and was quite effective in helping me to lose weight. I had tried the South Beach Diet for many months and while it helped me lose 10 lbs or so, I couldn’t get past that plateau. I heard about Slimirex from my friend, so I decided to use it for weight loss.

My progress so far has been pretty good.. No I didn’t lose 50 lbs in 2 months, but I did lost a modest 10 lbs in 1 month, which is truly awesome. I plan on using Slimirex until I lose an additional 20 lbs. Let’s hope this continues!”

-Julia Gray

“Slimirex is a good weight loss product that has helped me drop from 220 to 200 after 1 month. Some of it was water weight, but my relatives are starting comment how I’m starting to look skinnier. I can feel it too, as I have much more energy than when I started. Even if I don’t lose anymore weight I feel my goal has been achieved, because I feel healthier and livelier.

Everyday after work I no longer just drop down to the sofa and watch whatever is on TV. I feel energized, and want to go out and do something. So, Slimirex not only helps you with weight loss but makes you WANT to exercise. This is what makes this supplement so unique, I think. I would recommend it to anyone just because of these 2 effects: cutting body fat and giving you a ton of energy.”

-Anne Smithers

Get Slimirex For Weight Loss Hoodia Rating: 3/5 Price: $35.00 Overview: Hoodia pills are the new fad right now, and has been extensively marketed to the weight loss community. It works by killing your appetite, essentially fooling your brain to believe that you are no longer hungry. In addition to weight loss, they claim it can be used to treat diabetes, hypertension, hang overs, and stomacaches. Reviews: “I took 3 Hoodia capsules a day for a week, 1 during breakfast, 1 during brunch, and the third during lunch. So far, I do feel a little less hungry, but I can’t sleep at all the past 2 days. It takes me ages to start sleeping, and I often have to wake up at the middle of the night. I’m unsure as to whether the Hoodia is causing me to not sleeep well, or the warm weather. As for weight loss, I am afraid that I have not lost a single lb while taking Hoodia. But it has just been a week, I will let you know how things go in a few weeks.” -Jessica Keller (still trying to the find the Holy Grail of weight loss pills) “I took Hoodia because it was so popular and was featured in so many infomercials. I took it for 1 month a few months ago, and lost 5 lbs. I was originally 190 and after Hoodia, I was 185 lbs. This was good, because even though it was just 5 lbs, hardly any weight loss pills even leads to a single lb of weight loss. However, after a few weeks I regained all of it back. The problem with all these weight loss pills is that they are just a temporary solution. I am now back to where I started. So Hoodia was ineffective in permanently shedding my excess body fat. I tried to call their customer service since they guaranteed a money back if I wasn’t satisfied. Their customer service is just a mess.. I had to wait 30 minutes to talk to a real human being, and when I did get to talk with her, she was rude, telling me that I was using the pill wrong, and I was fat and obese… I don’t think I can recommend Hoodia to anyone now.. stay away from this product, it’s a scam.” -Joan Pan Lipo 6 Rating: 1/5 Price:$30.00 Overview: Lipo 6 is also another popular product that has garnered a ton of media attention. Lipo 6, for those who are new is a ephedra-based product. These types of products used to be quite popular back in the day. Ephedra when combined with aspirin + caffeine can lead to a potent fat burner. Lipo 6 combines ephedra + caffeine, but not aspirin. If you want better results, theoretically you can take an aspirin (consult a physician first!) at the same time. Reviews: “When i took Lipo6, I experience night sweating, jitters, and I couldn’t sleep at all. I tried reducing my dosage and taking it early in the morning, but I still couldn’t get rid of the side effects. I saw absolutely no results.. I took a whole bottle as directed, but didn’t lose a single lb at all. I exercise 3 times a week, and ate much less, and I still couldn’t lose any weight. I have had much better results with Slimirex… I lost 15 lbs within a month with none of the side effects. My goal is simply to become more lean, and cut the fat in my midsection, upper back and neck.” -Adam Russo I was 150 lbs a few years ago, and am around 115 right now. I tried all sorts of weight loss pills in the market but none of them worked. It wasn’t until I tried Slimirex that I went from 150 to 115 within a few months. Hoodia, Lipo 6, and others are just fake weight loss pills that have dangerous side effects. Slimirex is an all-natural herbal weight loss supplement that can safely be taken forever. It’s not just a weight loss supplement, but a health revitalizer, giving you extra energy. As someone who was once overweight, I can sympathize with all of your efforts. But I urge all of you to at least try Slimirex – what have you go to lose? Remember.. we are all in this together!

Get Slimirex and Start Losing Weight Safely

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