Body Cleansing Introduction

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Body cleansing is very important to every prevention and curing program. Dietary changes are one form of cleansing, however most people need more than just that, especially when it comes to the health of the liver. This is even important for children. Without cleanings our liver can contain hundred of stones. These stones will block bile flow and affect all parts of your health and your digestion. Another problem are parasites.

Body cleansing removes the toxins and helps the body become healthy. Their are four steps to body cleansing which include:

1. Bowel cleanse an parasite cleanse

2. Dental cleanse

3. Kidney cleanse

4. Liver cleanse

First the bowel cleanse should be performed. It is a quick way to get rid of accumulated feces. Bowel cleansers repopulate the colon with healthy blewel flora and promote discharge of bile. They also quickly get rid of the contents of the colon in case of an illness and promote healing of bowel disease. Bowel cleansing also helps fight chronic constipation, removes heavy metals from the intestinal walls, and kills parasites.

The second stage of body cleansing is the dental stage. This stage are for those who are sensitive to amalgam who still have amalgam fillings, or have had root canals or have cavities as a source of infection. If you suffer any symptoms of mercury poisoning or symptoms of toxic root canal or toxic caviations, this step could be very important. However, this step is also very costly. If you have never been to a dentist, you are unlikely to need this treatment.

The third stage of the body cleanse is the kidney cleanse. This procedure is to disolve kidney stones. This cleanse can also be used for improving overall kidney health by removing accumulated toxins. There are many types of kidney stones, some take days to dissolve while others could take months.

To prevent kidney stones one shoud drink water, eat melons, cleanse your kidneys, avoid dehydration, coffee, and chocolate. Also improve your diet which will improve your lifestyle.

Some of the symptoms you might experience with kidney stones may include lower back pain, kidney pains, edema in the lungs, arms, legs, or abdomen, and blood in the urine.

It takes quite a lot of liquid to wash the inside of your body. Juice or herbal teass can make cleansing more enjoyable. Edema also requires that the kidneys be strengthened with the kidney cleansing.

The last stage of the body cleanse is the liver cleanse. Cleaning the liver of gallstones greaty improves digestion, the basis of your whole health. It will also elminate symptoms such as certain allergies, shoulder, upper arm and upper back pains, and you will just hae more energy and feel more healthy.

For many, their biliary tubing are overwhelmed with gallstones. At the center of each stone there is a clump of bacteria. As the stones grow, their pressure on the liver causes it to make less bile. Also, being porous, gallstones are abe to pick up all the bacteria, cysts, viruses and parasites that pass through the liver. They are a nest for infection. No stomach infection can be cured permanently without removing the gallstones from the liver.

A liver cannot be cleaned if there are living parasites in it. Make sure that you perform all the other cleanses before you perform this last type of cleansing. You want your kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract to be in top working condition so that they remove any unwanted substances efficiently.

Remember, these four steps are important in illness prevention and for aquiring a healthy life. An improved diet is not to be forgotten either. Good diet is essential in helping to maintain a healthy body.

Want to Start Cleansing?

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