Avoiding Heavy Metals

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You may not think about it, but everyday, we are subjects to harmful toxins, and heavy metals. These include metals such as arsenic, cobalt, mercury, and silver. Though minute amounts of these metals are actually healthy, if we are subjected to them too much can lead to toxicity in the body. What are some of the harmful dangers of heavy metals?

– Damage our nervous system – Lead to low energy – Damage to our lungs and kidneys – Cause severe mental degeneration – Can lead to cancer in the future

There are several steps I follow personally, that I recommend to almost all my friends. Here are some of them:

1. Avoid New Furniture

Many people don’t realize this, but new furniture is always subjected to a bunch of chemicals in order to make the wood more durable. If the furniture is made in another country such as China, you should definitely avoid it. If, however, it was produced locally, it should be okay.

2. Avoid New Cars You know that new car smell? Smells good, right? Wrong. Not only is a new car a waste of precious money, but the gases, fumes, and foam uphostery produce harmful toxins that can effect your skin, and brain. Avoid at all costs.

3. Avoid Using A Lot Of Bug Killers Stick with other alterantives such as a degreaser. Working in a restaurants is a no-no. Why? Because these places use pesticides constantly! (take it from a person who flipped burgers in McDonalds every summer). If you do have to work in a restaurant, be sure to take lots of detox bath (such as Bentonite Clay), or do lots of cleansing with Colonix, or a colon cleanser.

4. Wash New Clothes Before Trying Them Out

5. Do Not Eat Canned Goods All canned foods have a chemical known as MSG (Yes, that MSG). We all know it’s addicting, but it’s bad for our health. Ever felt drowsy after eating Chinese takeout food? That’s because it contains chemicals that gives you a headache. Stick with homemade broths, and soups.

6. Take a Vitamin C Supplement If you live in a crowded city such as NYC, or Chicago, chances are you’re subjected to secondhand smoke, and pollution everyday. There is nothing you can do except deal with it. So consider taking a Vitamin C supplement almost everyday. This will boost your immune system so that you can deal with these toxins on a daily basis.

7. Don’t Eat Fish More than 2-3 times a Week Mercury poisoning is a huge issue with fish. Cod Liver oil should still be alright, but read the labels.

8. Avoid Meats with Hormones Consider eating wild meat such as ostrich, bison, elk, moose, etc. The steak you buy in the market is injected with so many harmful hormones, it makes me sick.

Although all of these things may sound extreme to you, the truth is they are necessary if you live in a place with smog, smokers, and pollution. Last, but not least we should all be doing bowel cleansing once every year, for maintenance. Consider doing a liver flush 1-2 times a year, and practice lympth management (rebounding, jogging, detox baths).

OxyPowder’s revolutionary formula works to help:

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– Lift out the deep-seated toxic buildup clogging your colon

– Maintain intestinal harmony while promoting friendly bacterial growth

– Support better absorption of the vital nutrients your body needs

– Promote a naturally healthy immune

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