Yeast Cleanse

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Yeast, or Candida overgrowth is becoming an epidemic in the western world. The over growth of yeast in the body is generally caused from upsetting our body’s natural balance, or a weakened immune system. It’s only a problem when it gets out of control and becomes overgrown. There is a healthy amount of yeast in all of us, and this is good. Western medicine continues to ignore this problem because it’s symptoms mimic many other conditions.

What is Yeast or Candida?

Yeast exists naturally exists in a healthy persons gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and on the skin. This yeast is also referred to as Candida albicans. Normally the body keeps this yeast in check by limiting it to the areas of the body that it is useful. However when our immune system is weakened or our body’s natural balance is thrown off, this yeast has a chance to spread. This is the problem. When it begins to overgrow it will attack the neighboring systems and organs in your body.

What Causes Yeast Overgrowth?

It’s causes include: steroids, prednisone, birth-control pills, antobiotics, estrogen replacement therapy, poor diet, raditation, stress, chemotherapy, and alcohol overuse.

The Overuse of Antibiotics Problem

In the U.S. we have a tendency to use antibiotics for everything. This is believed to be the reason the U.S. has the highest number of people with yeast or candida overgrowth. We are slowly becoming aware of this problem. Why are antibiotics a bad thing? Well, when it is used, it ends up creating new strands of germs that are immune to the antibiotics and far stronger than the germs that are present if you didn’t use antibiotics. Remember, nature is designed to adapt to its surroundings. If you create a hostile environment, many organisms will die. But those that survive adapt and become much stronger as a result.

And that’s not all you’re facing. When this yeast or candida spreads it released 79 toxins, which weaken our immune system. Acetaldehyde is one of the toxins, which the liver changes into ethanol. The result is a feeling of intoxication. There have been numerous cases where yeast or candida patients have been pulled over by the police and tested positive for having a blood alcohol level above normal.

You likely won’t be feeling well, and will be visiting your doctor. Your doctor will respond by giving you more antibiotics. Now you see the cycle in place, that if goes unchecked will only get worse. When yeast overgrowth continues it eventually produces a disease causing fungus which will spread into the intestinal lining and eventually the blood stream. This infection is known as Candidiasis.

Stress and poor diet only accelerate the overgrowth of yeast. The end result is chronic progressive disease.

**source: “The Yeast Connection Handbook” by William G. Crook.

How do I know if I need a Yeast Cleanse?

You should see a practitioner that treats this condition. Emotional and mental imbalances are common symptoms of yeast overgrowth. Depression is almost a constant element in this condition. The reason is due to the toxins infecting your gut, and the connection the body has between the gut and the brain.

Sadly these people who are emotionally or mentally unbalanced are not treated directly. Instead doctors only look at the symptoms and the root cause persists.

If you identify that there is yeast overgrowth, treatment begins by killing the yeast and its toxins. This is done by taking an antifungal supplement and modifying your diet so the yeast has nothing left to feed off of and will die off. If your condition is mild, an herbal supplement is sufficient. If your condition is more server or chronic, stronger supplements prescribed by an alternative healthcare professional such as Nystatin or Diflucan are recommended.

In mild cases I suggest products such as


and Dr. Natura’s Colonix Program.

Body’s reaction to yeast elimination

Be aware that in the process of yeast elimination your body may feel worse before it gets better. Regular bowel movements during this process are very important in order to purge your body of this waste. You have many possible choices in this regard.


is oxygen based and will help remove built up material from your body. Dr. Natura’s Colonix Program uses fiber to help eliminate waste. Another option would be to use an herbal laxative. Deep breathing typically part of yoga is also recommended in order to help cleanse your pathways.


The great thing is that you shouldn’t experience any side effects unless you have some unusual allergic reaction. Everyone can benefit from a cleanse. It is something that will assist your body in it’s work to keep you clean, strong and healthy. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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