Simple Digestion Tips

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Digestion is a huge topic, and something we should pay a lot of attention to. Without proper digestion, our body won’t get all its vital nutrients, and vitamins, and a poor digestion can lead to a whole array of health problems, such as constipation, and colon disease. Here are some important tips and guidelines to follow to improve your digestion.

1. Don’t Eat Too Much

It sounds simple, but it’s true. How much should you eat? Well, only eat as much as you can carry using 2 hands. If you eat more than this, it can put a burden in your digestive system. It won’t matter if you eat the most organic, natural foods in the planet, if you eat too much it will cause more harm that good. Overeating is one of the main causes of acid reflux.

2. Don’t Drink Ice Cold Drinks With Meals

In fact, I would not drink any liquids a hour or so eating. If you have to drink while eating, I recommend drinking just herbal tea or warm lemon juice. If you have poor digestion, drinking peppermint tea is also beneficial.

If you drink while eating, it simply dilutes the enzymes in your stomach. The acid becomes diluted, and weak, and as a result your food can’t be completely digested. This eventually leads to gas, bloating, and yes, a clogged colon.

3. Have Your Meals 3 meals apart.

I know everyone loves to have their snacks, but our stomach and intestines need time to digest your food. 1 hour isn’t going to cut it. So, please cut down on those desserts, potato chips, and snack foods. Try to eat regular meals spaced apart equally throughout the day.

4. Eat in a Comfortable Atmosphere

Don’t eat in a high stress environment. Eat at a place where you can be attentive to your meal. The environment should be relaxing – not tense. When you eat, chew your food slowly, and use your saliva! It’s part of your digestive system too you know.

5. Don’t Eat After 8 PM

Why? Well, our digestive system is usually weaker during the evening. If you must have a huge meal, eat it during lunch instead. A lot of people also force themselves to eat when they’re stressed, but don’t do this. If you’re upset, or not feeling well, consider just drinking some soup or tea.

6. Consider Talking a Walk After Eating

I usually take a walk around the neighborhood for 20 minutes or so, after eating a meal. Walking really aids digestion, so I suggest you follow this.

7. Do Not Eat Greasy Foods. Consider Digestive Enzymes

Greasy, and fried substances are extremely sickening, disgusting, and deadly for your health. Avoid refined carbs. If you must have an unhealthy huge meal (like a Chocolate Sherbert cake), consider taking some digestive enzymes while eating. I know the Garden of Life has a good brand. If you have weak digestion, I would also take digestive enzymes, as they really help in breaking down those proteins, fats, and carbs! If you don’t have sufficient stomach acid, consider drinking some lemon warm water 15 minutes prior to a meal. Alternatively, you can try taking some malic acid, or vitamin c instead.

8. Consider Eating A Little Spice Before Meals

Pickled cabbage and ginger are awesome choices, as are umeboshi and sunamomo. These fermented foods really help your digestive system, as they help increase the acids. Commercial products are not that good, however. If you want to aid digestion, I suggest making homemade fermented foods!

9. Take a probiotic Probiotics are basically human strains of bacteria that you can take in a supplement. These microorganisms are beneficial bacteria that aid digestion. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of these in our diet due to pesticides, refined sugar, and insufficient intake of greens.

10. Practice Food Food Combinations

Always eat fruit alone – don’t combine it with other foods. This means not putting bananas in your cereal! Fruits are ok if you mix them with other fruit, but some fruits are just not meant to be mixed together. Don’t eat any dessert after you eat fruit, and more importantly don’t eat fruit after eating meat.

11. Limit Veggies to 4 Types in 1 meal.

I sometimes put all my veggies in a blender, and blend them together to make eating them easier. Try to eat cooked veggies most of the time. If you have a weak digestive system, raw veggies are a no-no.

Some veggies make you susceptible to lots of gas, such as brocolli. If you eat them, try to cook them with spices such as ginger. Indian food really make great use of these spices with all of their foods (which is why I love Indian food so much !)

12. Increase Digestion with Spices/Tea

If you feel sluggish after a meal, you need to ignite your digestive system. To do so, consider drinking some spicy tea such as peppermint during meals. Don’t eat until you feel hungry.

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