Oil of Oregano Benefits

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Whether you’re cleansing or not, you need good oil in your diet. Examples of good oils are fish oils, flaxseed oils, and Oil of Oregano.

Why do we need good oil in our diet?

If you’re colon cleansing, your body is being malnourished and won’t recieve all of its necessary nutrients such as proteins and minerals. You need nutritious, powerful, and super foods to reenergize your body.

Examples of good foods to include in a cleansing diet is all outlined in the Colon Cleansing Diet section, but one of the most important types of foods is Oil.

We’re not talking about Oil as in Saturated Corn Oil, or most cooking oils. These are foods that kill. We’re talking about good, healthy oil that give us an extra boost in vitamins, and nutrients, and prevents us from feeling groggy and tired during cleansing. Such oils include:

-Fish Oil, which provide necessary essential fatty acids -Cod Liver Oil, which provides an enormous amount of Vitamin A -Wheat Germ Oil, which provides Vitamin E. -Oil of Oregano, which has many benefits and arguably the most powerful of all.

What does Oil of Oregano consist of?

Oregano Oil is a completely natural herb that is extracted from the oregano plant.

It contains many minerals such as copper, niacin, and beta-carotene, as well as essential nutrients and anti-oxidants. If you’re not taking Oregano Oil, make sure you’re replacing it with another supplement that has as many vitamins/minerals.

Oil of Oregano is known for being extremely effective against fighting germs and viruses. People have been using spices for awhile to combat bacteria. Studies have been shown that conclude Oil of Oregano can stop the growth of bad bacteria such as E.Coli. This is why some restaurants put some drops of Oregano Oil to salad bars to ward off any harmful bacteria lurking around.

A lot of people put Oregano Oil into their foods that could benefit from being more spicy and bacteria-killing properties. For instance, a friend of mine puts Oregano Oil into her sashimi to ensure she doesn’t consume salmonella (a harmful bacteria).

People who wish to treat candida should especially be using Oil of Oregano during their cleansing regimen as it can destroy fungus effectively.

Because of all its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, it makes sense to take Oil of Oregano Oil, along with a probiotic such as Latero-Flora, and other nutritious energy-boosting foods such as Yeast Flakes, raw egg yolks, Noni Juice, broths and soups during cleansing.

Even if you’re not doing any cleansing, you should still take Oil of Oregano regularly to prevent fungal growth, or bacterial infections. If you don’t want food poisoning, or to get sick from viruses, you should take Oil of Oregano almost everyday.

Taking it can also help with: -Digestive problems -Diarrhea -Coughs and Sinus Problems -Prevent food poisoning

Where can I find Oil of Oregano?

You can find it in some health stores – unfortunately you might need to dig around for awhile until you find one that has it.

Added 6/21/06: Thanks to Carol, who emailed me. She tells me you can find the best deal for Oil of Oregano here. Thanks Carol! ^_^

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