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Parasites? Why do I need to cleanse my body of parasites? I don’t have them, right? Well, everyone seems to think parasites are things they don’t have, but other people do have. You may or may not have them, but up to 50% of the human population have parasites according to some recent research. These include pinworms, round-worms, and other harmful intestinal organisms that live inside your body.

You can get parasites through a variety of ways, such as through the food or water you consume. You can get them through insect bites, through sex, or simply through the nose or skin. The most common reason most of us have parasites is because of an unhealthy digestive system, and colon. When our bowels are clogged, and we can’t eliminate our wastes, this buildup of mucoid plaque clogs the walls of our colon, providing a good environment for parasites to live off, and thrive.

In any case, many people who have parasites also : – have eaten raw fish or meat at some point in their lives – hang around children, or pets often – in contact with insects often – take antacids often – experience insomina, colitis, ulcers, and feel dizzy often. have bad breath, a bad digestive system, acne, depressing, and bad body odor.

Once parasites get inside your body, they will stay there, living off the foods and nutrients you intake. To get rid of them, you must fight them will parasite-killing herbs and an extensive parasite cleansing regimen.

Parasites don’t simply just consume the nutrients you intake. When they finish consuming, they release harmful toxins. These toxins, of course are responsible for the many health problems you may be experiencing, such as acne, or IBS, or leaky gut, or candida. A friend of mine had chronic acne for 15 years, and only after doing a 3-month parasite/colon cleansing regimen was he able to get rid of his acne. There have even been cases in the past where cancer was mistaken for parasite infections. When worms are clumped together, they can look like tumors to some people.

If you experience abdominal pain often, chances are you have roundworms. Other symptoms of roundworm infections include asthma, pain in your eyes, and rashes. When these worms secrete their wastes, they can cause rashes in most humans. If you have skin problems, you may have a hookworm infection. When these worms mature into adults, they can literally feed off your blood, which leads to abdominal pain, dry skin/hair, acne, and death in some people.

Pinworms are common in children, infecting up to 20% of them. If you have a child, I recommend you test them for parasites, and put them in an anti-parasite cleansing regimen such as Dr. Natura Colonix to ensure these worms do not lay eggs and infect your child when he/she grows up. They can lead to severe health problems. These worms can lay up to 10,000 eggs per day

Of course, for some of us parasites may not be the reason we have health problems, but let me point back to the statistic I made earlier. 50% of the human population has some kind of parasite in their body. Parasites don’t discriminate among males, or females, or elderly or young people. Parasites can be in any person’s body, and to get rid of them permanently, we must start a parasite cleanse.

How do I get rid of parasites?

Ok, enough with the disgusting images and statistics, how do I cleanse my body of parasites? Well, getting rid of them would be close to impossible if you just took one or 2 substances, since there are so many types of parasites!

However, there are three major herbs that help kill more than 100 kinds of parasitic organisms. Take these 3, and your body will most likely be free of parasites. They are the Black Walnut Hull, WormWood, and Common Sloves.

However, these 3 herbs must be combined together if you wish to cleanse your body of parasites.The first two – black walnut and wormwood help kill adult parasites. The Cloves are useful in eliminating the eggs. If you just use the first two, you will kill the adult but the eggs will eventually lead to more parasites. If you kill just the eggs, guess what? The adults will lay even more eggs and start the evil process once more. Here are the list of parasites.

It is imperative you do a partial fast before taking any anti-parasite cleansers, or herbs. You can eat/drink some foods, but only do so very sparingly. Forget about eating any sweets, or heavy foods such as meat. Stick with soft, easy to digest foods like broths and soups. Follow these guidelines:

1. Avoid sugars at all costs.

2. Eat cultured foods such as kefir and yogurt. These probiotics will definitely kill the parasites.

3. Consider getting a Bromelain nutritional supplement, as they can really put a hurt on tapeworms.

4. Try eating pumpkin seeds a couple time a day, as they have parasite-killing properties. Consider mixing them with cayenne pepper.

5. Eat garlic, garlic, garlic! Garlic will do wonders in destroying some parasites.

6. You need to make your stomach increase in acidity, so consider taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) before every meal. In case your food contains parasites, this will prevent them from infecting your body.

7. Use various spices in your foods such as cinnamon, and cloves. Many spices are parasite killing properties and will put many of them to sleep.

Testing for parasites is extremely hard, and not accurate. I had friends who had gotten parasite tests that turned negative, but in fact they did have parasites. If you want to have one in any case, go right ahead, but in my experience many of them are very inaccurate.

If you are in extremely poor health, and suffer from some chronic ailment such as acne, or candida, you should just do a parasite cleansing regimen immediately. Or you can simply do a month of parasite cleansing and if you don’t see any parasites, you can just quit. It’s that simple.

The best parasite cleansing program out there is Colonix, which I used during my cleansing regimen. A few years ago, I suffered from candida, chronic acne, brain fog, and wanted to shed off a few lbs. After being on the Colonix Program for 3 months, all my symptoms disappeared. I hope to upload some images showing the toxins and parasites that were eliminated during my regimen. It was truly disgusting, and made me realize that many of us have parasites and do not even know it. No wonder, we all are having health problems, and the rise of health insurance is skyrocketing.

The Colonix Program is perfect for those who have parasites because it does two things: cleanses your bowels and cleanses your body of parasites. You should do 3 months of cleansing, as this will completely cleanse your colon of toxins, and eliminate all your parasites. If you just do 1 month, your body will still have toxins and some parasites will exist. Remember, if even one parasite exist, then it can lay 10,000 more eggs within a few days, and the whole vicious cycle starts again. So, it’s better to cleanse thoroughly than to do a fast one.

Start Parasite Cleansing with The Colonix Program.

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