Intestinal Parasites

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In every human body there can be over 100 different types of parasite worms. Some of these parasites and worms can be easily seen while others are microscopic. No matter their size they can be found everywhere in the environment. They can be found in the air that we breath in each day and what we consume into our bodies by water or food.

An organism that lives on or in other organisms from where it gets it’s nutrients to live is called a parasite. It also causes harm in the process to the human or animal that it joins to. The name, parasite, comes from the Greek word para which means beside, and sitos which means food.

In most cases a host is required by the parasites to complete their life cycles. Animals are able to serve as the host. The size of a parasite can vary from one-thousandth of one micron to whale tapeworms that are one hundred feet long.

Parasites and worms will eat the same foods you or they will eat you. They invade bodies through uncooked or unwashed food and unsanitary water taken into the body, through agents like mosquitos and other transmitting agents, through sexual contact, or by the nose and skin.

Those who get intestinal parasite infections are usually weak or under-nourished. They also maybe infected with a virus, fungus, bacteria, or have various types of other metal or chemical poisonings. Any person can be affected by intestinal parasites at any age.

Some people who are infected with intestinal parasites may not experience any symptoms., or symptoms may come and go. Others may experience symptoms such as coughing, cramping abdominal pains, bloating, or diarrhea.

In the more severe cases symptoms may include weight loss, itchy skin, fevery, nausea, and bloody stool. Some parasites may also cause anemia. Some also move to the lungs and other parts of the body. The problem with these symptoms is that many other conditions can result in these same symptoms so the only way to see the results is through labratory testing.

Human intestinal parasites are responsible for numerous health problems because they discharge toxins and take the vital nutrients from our bodies. They can also have an affect on the other health problems you maybe experiencing, either irritating or making the health problem worse.

Every human creates the perfect living condition for these parasites when the bowel becomes ineffective in the elimination of our waste products. The amounts of junk food, chemicals, bad fats, and sweets we consume has a bad affect on the colon and allows the build-up of fecal material.

In the end we poison ourselves from our own waste and the waste from the parasites. Testing for parasites is not very easy or accurate. Testing is available for only five percent of the known varieties and there is only twenty percent accuracy.

Those who have cancer are often bothered with worms that lump together and look like tumors. The female worms can release thousands of eggs per day, the number depending on the type of worm. It is unfortunate and understandable that most don’t want to discuss this, but it is a sad part of reality.

The topics discussed above are very important for those who are infected to read and to get the proper medical attention. It is also important for the general public to read this for their own well being. A lot of doctors are not trained to recognize parastic infections including the symptoms, so the only way to avoid these problems is by educating yourself.

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