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Kinesiology is something not many people have heard about it. Well, it’s basically muscle testing. It’s been used for many decades, but as since become more a “cult” practice. Why? Well, modern society seemed to have shunned it because noone can prove that it works. It remains today a practice that is practiced by alternative health aficidonados and naturopathists.

So how does it work? Well, when we touch a substance, our body reacts in some fashion. If the food/substance is something we need (that improves our health for instance), our muscle reacts by becoming stronger. It the food is bad for us, our muscles become weak. The point is, we use kiesiology to see whether a certain food or vitamin or supplement will be good for us, or not. Now you can see why kinesiology is so important.

There are basically 2 ways to practice it. You can either do it yourself, or with a partner. In both cases, you should be touching the food you wish to test.

The method done with a partner is done as follows: 1. If you’re right-handed, hold out your left arm (and vice versa). Hold it straight to your side. 2. Now, your partner has to press down, and you have to try to resist it. Get a feel for your arm strength. 3. Hold the supplement/food/substance in your dominant hand. Hold it straight to the side, as you did before. 4. Now, have your partner do the same thing: pushing your arm down towards the ground

If your arm fell further, it means the supplement isn’t good for you. If your arm was stronger, it meant the supplement is good for you.

You should conduct this test at least 3-6 times to see if you get the same result, as one run may be faulty. Also, consider testing it in another part of the day.

So how does it all work? Why does kinesiology work? Well, it simply tests the electrical system in our body. You see, there is a constant flow of energy within our body that not only relates to the muscles, but almost every organ in our body. We test these electrical flows by testing the strength of our muscles. If our muscles are weak, it means there is a weak electrical flow, but if our muscles are strong it means there is a vital, strong energy flow. These energy flows react to our environment. So, in our test, if we touch a supplement that is good for us, our energy flows respond positively, and our muscles are stronger. If the supplement is bad, our energy flow respond poorly, and our muscles are weaker.

I strongly believe in the effectiveness of kinesiology as a healing device. Of course, it’s not a replacement for medicine or detoxing, but it’s such a useful method to determine whether something will be beneficial for us or not. It doesn’t cure any disease, but it does give us hints as to what will benefit our body, and what won’t.

Kinesiology to reduce stress

You can also apply kinesiology to reduce stress levels. How? If you feel you’re in a stressful situation, try doing this: Put your 3 middle fingers of both hands on your forehead, with the middle finger in a vertical straight line with your eye. Stretch the skin of your eye upwards. Keeping those fingers steady, and still, try focusing on the situation that is making you stress. If your mind wanders, simply refocus.

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