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You are probably asking yourself: Is Colonix for me? What can it do for me? DrNatura’s Colonix is a complete colon cleansing program that can definitely help you solve your health issues. Whether you suffer from constipation, acne, or candida, Colonix will remove toxic matter from your colon and will help

you cure your health problems


Start Colon Cleansing with Colonix…

You need to realize that for most of us, our insides are toxic. In the modern world, all of our organs: our colon especially require cleansing. Due to many years of eating a bad, unhealthy diet (think junk food, and processed foods!), our colon gets clogged up with toxins, and mucoid plaque.

Just like an old car, our colon require maintenance. This is why colon cleansing with Dr. Natura’s Colonix is essential.

My experience with the Colonix program was wonderful, and something I want to share with my visitors. For those who don’t know, the program consists of three parts – their intestinal cleanser, their parasite cleanser (Paranil), and KleriTea to maintain healthy bowel movements, and strengthening the bowels.

All 3 are necessary for colon cleansing. The parasite cleanser, especially will help restore your health, as parasites can be a huge part of our health problems.

Before I used Colonix, I was suffering from chronic candida, and acne. I was in a dead end in my life. Nothing worked for me – I tried all sorts of pills and antibiotics, but I still felt miserable, sick, and had little hope. Modern medicine did nothing for me. I visited doctor after doctor, but still felt HORRIBLE! You all can probably relate to this. I bought Colonix when I learned about colon cleansing, and used it for 3+ months.

After the first week, I already felt energized, and could see the light in the tunnel. Before, I barely managed to have 2 bowel movements every week, which was disgusting (and unhealthy – if you are not having one a day, your toxic colon is a good breeding place for harmful bacteria, toxins, parasites, etc.)

Within 5 days, I started to have more regular bowel movements, 2-3 times a day. I saw the pictures of what other people eliminated through the toilet, but I didn’t think I would eliminate them myselves.

Well, after 5 days, I had a huge bowel movement, and eliminated a huge rope of “mucoid plaque”. I did some research online, and found out these were the toxins and fecal matter that was clogging up my colon, and causing my health problems.

In fact, this is what Dr. Jensen, a prominent medical researcher had this to say about mucoid plaque and the toxic matter in our colons:

‘The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances.’

No wonder modern society seems to have so many “modern” diseases, whether it’s acne, or constipation, or hemorrhoids. And no wonder most of us feel lethargic, sluggish and constantly tired and moody! We all need to realize our colon is a crucial part of our health. If it isn’t healthy, we can develop serious diseases anytime.

Here’s another statistic that will show you just how crucial colon cleansing is: Dr. John Kellogg of B. Creek said that ‘that 90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon.’

90% is a staggering figure – but it makes sense.. our colon plays a role in digestion, and absorption of nutrients as well as removing wastes! If we don’t absorb our nutrients properly, our organs don’t perform as efficiently. If we remove wastes properly, toxins remain in our body and wreck havoc! We all need to take responsibility of our health… Try Colonix and start colon cleansing…

Here are some pictures I took during my first month on Colonix (yes, they are mucoid plaque). They are truly disgusting, but you have to realize a life of bad lifestyle, and diet leads to such a buildup of toxins.

Start Colon Cleansing with Colonix…

I knew people who underwent the program also eliminated baddies/parasites during bowel movements, and I was sort of relieved when I didn’t see any after the first week (PHEW!). However, by the 2nd week, when I saw what was in the toilet, I saw these white specks of rice… I thought they were rice until I inspected it a bit carefully.. it turned out I had just eliminated parasites..

Gross! From that point on, I just flushed the toilet without seeing what I had eliminated. Truly gross, but at the same time I knew I was recovering from bad health. I knew parasites contributed some part to my acne, and within a month, all of my spots disappeared, my skin became much more smoother, and I knew the path to finally curing my acne was near.

So, I continued using the Colonix program by Dr. Natura for 2 more months (3 in total). They recommend you do at least 3 months of cleansing, especially if you have a long history of health problems. If you’re older than 35 or so, your colon is probably in a toxic state unless you were a health freak, and ate nothing but completely organic foods your whole life.

Colonix is the best colon cleanser in the market, in my opinion. If you visit alternative health forums such as Curezone, everyone seems to be raving about it. Dr. natura seems to have a new product called Toxinout, which also looks great, so I would also try that as well. So finally, here are all the benefits I experienced:

– Finally eliminated my bloating and constipation Before I could barely have 2 bowel movements a week. Now I’m maintaining 1-2 a day, which I never thought was possible.

– Cured my acne and candida I suffered from chronic acne since I was 11 years old, and it never seemed like I could find my cure. Candida infections were always making me moody, sluggish, and constantly tired. If you have any sort of health ailment such as IBS, colitis, arthritis, candida, etc, detoxifying with Colonix naturally will heal you of your symptoms.

– Eliminated parasites Parasites were probably a huge cause of my acne, and have been known to cause many other health issues. These baddies release harmful toxins when they feed off us.

– Helped me lose a few lbs I went from 150 to 140 lbs in just a month. Although it isn’t intended to be for weight loss, many people have experienced an initial loss of 10-15 lbs after just 1 month. It makes sense because the fecal matter stuck in our colon was once food… as it accumulates, the extra weight adds up.

– Great support, and 60-day money back guarantee They are the only company that has a hotline that will answer any questions you have, it seems.

When you look at the other alternatives, there really aren’t many good ones. Other products seem to be focused on providing a quick solution to your health problems. Well, unfortunately, 10+ years of bad dietary habits, and a poor lifestyle filled with a lack of exercise can’t be solved in just a few days. We must start taking responsibility of our health, and start looking to cleanse our body naturally, and removing harmful toxins. After taking Colonix for 3 months, I started feeling refreshed, and energized again. My health was restored, and I thank God I learned about colon cleansing.

Start Colon Cleansing with Colonix

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