Colon Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

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Colon cleaning can be very tiredsome and can place a lot of stress on our system. Why is that? When, we do colon cleaning, (or any type of cleansing, for that matter) and destroying toxins, it can lead to something called a “die-off effect”. A die-off effect is basically a temporary, minor side effect of cleansing. When all the toxins are flushed out of the body, it can temporarily make you feel worse. What are some of the things you make feel?

-Weakness -Slight bloating -Tiredness -Slight nausea -Bad breath -Some acne -Achiness in the muscles -Fatigue -Diarrhea

The die-off effect is a necessary stage in colon cleaning, and it isn’t something we should be scared of.

Do not stop natural colon cleansing just because you’re feeling worse. It is natural because we need to get slightly worse before we can get better.

Because we can feel slightly woozy and tired while cleansing, it’s important to try and lessen these die-off effects as much as possible. So, while cleansing, try and follow these important guidelines:

1. Drink a lot of water. Whenever you feel a headache coming on, or feel tired, take a sip of water.

2. Take Ester-C supplement every day in the morning. We all know the immune system benefits Vitamin C has. Ester-C can be readily absorbed by our body unlike other forms.

3. Eat broths, and stews. These provide necessary electrolytes, which will energize you.

4. Practice rebounding. Do detox baths. Exercising, especially rebounding will aid in removing the excess toxins, and acids out of the body. We all know the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and sweating does wonders for your skin.

On the flip side, don’t do too much exercising. Colon cleaning can be hard on your body – you need to rest occasionally too.

Do detox baths too. Search online for various ones such as Bentonite Clay, and Apple Cider vinegar baths.

5. Take a probiotic when cleaning. Make sure you replenish the good bacteria and take a probiotic with human strains such as Latero-Flora.

6. Watch, or read something relaxing. Practice meditation. Listen to classical music. While cleaning, you may feel some mood swings at times. This is because colon cleaning can release some old emotions. This is natural. You should try and think relaxing thoughts as much as possible. Don’t do anything stressful, or frustrating when you’re cleansing.

7. Do not over-eat. Overating will make cleaning less effective. Why? well, if you’re taking Psyllium Husk, it will just remove the digested remains of the foods you eat, not the compacted fecal matter that have been stuck in your colon for years.

8. Consider taking Nutritious Yeast Flakes. Yeast flakes provide an abundance of B-vitamins and trace minerals. Mix a spoonful of yeast flakes with anything such as soups, or milk and drink it down. You’ll feel a difference in your body immediately.

Follow these steps and your colon cleaning process will go much smoother, and the die-off effects from colon cleansing will not be as severe. After cleansing, you should lay low on the supplements and try to supply them through whole natural foods.

Experience the Gentle Alternative To Fiber Cleansers

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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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