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Dr. Natura’s Colonix (Paranil)

Grade: A+ Overview: The Colonix Program is an extensive bowel and parasite program that is designed to cleanse your colon of mucoid plaque, as well as kill all parasites. It consists of 3 parts: the intestinal cleanser, the parasite cleanser (Paranil) and KleriTea.

The Intestinal Cleanser will unclog your colon by absorbing fluids, and breaking down stuck fecal matter. The Paranil (Parasite cleanser) then uses a combination of 18 herbs to kill the parasites.

Also included in the program is KleriTea, which is used to ease the bowels and acts as a soft, safe laxative. It aids in detoxifying your colon, and is ideal in drinking before sleeping (it contains absolutely no caffeine). Most people get a 3+ month supply of the program, which will certainly kill all parasites.

Review: I used the Colonix Program for 3+ months during my cleansing regimen back in 2003-2004, and have experienced really good results with it. First off, it is recommended that everyone does colon cleansing before they even think about doing parasite cleansing. Why? Because if your colon is clogged up, you can’t eliminate these dead parasites out of your body that easily! They will just get stuck, along with your food, and in the end you will simply experience bloating, constipation, and abdominal pain. The parasites will be killed, but they can’t be released out of your body.

Needless to say, it could be an unpleasant, and harmful experience – this happened to my friend once, and after that he learned better… so please, please do bowel cleansing before parasite cleansing. Taking the Colonix Program is ideal because in actuality, it does both for you. So you dont have to worry about taking a colon cleanser product – it’s included in the program too.

Well, within a week inside the program, I was eliminating parasites left and right. They looked like little specks of rice.. tiny, and barely visible, but they were definitely parasites. Other people have told me they eliminated literally thousands of small eggs at once… I have seen pictures of these, and they look truly disgusting. Hopefully, if anything you’ll just seed small specks that are parasites… if you can’t handle seeing these things, just flush the toilet after every bowel movement without looking =)

Taking the Colon Cleanser with the Parasite cleanser really helped make the process a lot smoother. It kept my colon unclogged, and made my bowel movements more regular. Having a unclogged colon led to the easy elimination of these baddies. I doubt I would’ve eliminated them this fast if I was just taking a simple parasite cleanser.

If you have kids, and suspect they might have parasites, I recommend you give them Paranil Jr, which is the kid’s version of Paranil. it is a liquid formula, and very easy to taken. You can take them too if you prefer them to capsules!

So, overall, Colonix worked extremely well in curing my candida, and restoring my health. It gave me more normal bowel movements, eliminated all the parasites from my body, and really helped in curingmy candida, chronic acne, chronic constipation, bloating, and brain fog. It truly is one of the few high-quality cleansing kits out there.. the others just look so suspect, and scammish. You can order the Colonix program and start parasite cleansing here.


Grade: C


: Paragone is a herbal supplement that is not as popular as Colonix. It contains up to 16 parasite-killing substances. Paragone must be used during a healthy diet to be effective. It claims to detoxify your body, and will leave you fill with energy.

Review: I have not tried Paragone, but many of my visitors have tried it. I asked some of them to give me their testimonials about it, and here they are:

“Paragone looked like a promising product. I heard about it in one of the online naturopathy forums so I decided to buy it. I heard that a lot of ppl have parasites, and I suspected that parasites was the cause of my chronic acne, so I bought a few bottles of it..

After a week, I still not did experience any good things with it. My body felt the same.. I still felt as sluggish as always, but during the 2nd week, some things started to happen.. bad things. One night, I felt so bloated, I had to go to the local drug store in the middle of the night to buy a fleet enema. After giving myself an enema, I felt somewhat better and went to sleep. I woke up a few hrs later, and there was this knobbing abdominal pain, which was intolerable. I literally had to call my daughter to help me out.. I couldn’t walk and could barely move.

We went to hospital, and had to wait a couple hrs to be seen. By that time, the pain subsided and was gone. I told the doctor what I was taking, and she told me this was the first case she has seen. It turns out she treated a guy just a week ago who took Paragone, and who experienced severe abdominal pain.

I don’t know how a product like this can still be sold. Don’t be duped by the various claims they make. Paragone is an unsafe product that is extremely dangerous to take. I decided to go with another parasite cleanser. Please stay away from this product!” – Julie Thames

“I tried Paragone a year ago, and it was a complete waste of dollars. It was cheap, but simply ineffective. I took it for 1 month, and followed a very strict diet.. I mean very strict…I literally ate no sugars, no fast foods, little to no meat. My diet just consisted of raw veggies, salad, fruit, raw nuts, and some organic beef. It drove me crazy.. when nothing happened after a month, I just discontinued using it. I ended up using that Colonix product and within a couple of days, I eliminated a bunch of little white worms that were barely visible to the naked eye. Paragone may work with some ppl, but definitely not me. It was a waste of time, and waste of money.” – Ray Lowe

Paratrex or Parabuster (originally)


: C


: Paratrex consists of 120 veggie capsules. You take 3+ capsules a day for a couple of weeks to a month or so. You must also follow a strict diet while taking Paratrex (originally Para-buster). This means avoiding foods such as sugar, meat and wheat. You should also consider taking a colon cleanser before taking this parasite cleanser, as well as a probiotic supplement.

Reviews: “Paratrex looked like a great product based on the claims they made on their website. I bought 12 bottles of it because I learned I had a parasite infection from a series of tests done by some lab. I took it for 1 month, and was done with 1 bottle. Right now, I’m taking the 2nd bottle, and am beginning to believe that I made the worst decision in buying so many bottles.. I have not eliminated a single parasite.. although it might’ve been so small I couldn’t see it… One minor benefit I am seeing though is that it has gotten rid of some of my sugar cravings… although knowing me, they will come back any week now. Well, it’s wait and see for me. I’ll keep you up to date as to how Paratrex is working for me, but so far after 1 month? No results.” -Tom Richards

“After doing bowel cleansing, I decided to go to the next step and try parasite cleansing. Bowel cleansing really did wonders in losing weight, and improving my acne, so I decided to finally eliminate acne once and for awhile, by taking Paratrex. Well, unfortunately it did absolutely nothing.. not just for my acne, but for my health overall. I am glad my acne did not worsen.. I am thinking of going back to bowel cleansing for 1 more month, because taking Paratrex might’ve clogged my colon or messed up my digestive system a bit… I might consider getting Dr Natura’s Colonix Program for cleansing as it seems to work for so many people.” -Timothy Utley

So in conclusion, in my opinion the Colonix Program is the way to go if you want to do parasite cleansing. The major benefits are:

– It also has a colon cleanser. Remember, you need to unclog your colon if you want parasite cleansing to work properly. The Colonix Program works because it comes with an effective colon cleanser, simplifying things so you don’t have to go out and get another cleanser somewhere else.

– It’s high-quality and is popular with many people. If you go to any online health forum, you will hear many people swearing by it. It is not cheap, but then again, quality comes at a price. It is very affordable if you choose the 3 month’s supply. In any case, good health is priceless.

– It has a 60-day money back guarantee If it doesnt work for you, you can just get your money back easily. So there’s hardly anything to lose. With other companies, if it doesn’t work, you just lost a good amount of money.

– They have great support. If you have any questions, you can just call them, or visit their website for tips. They are extremely helpful and are dedicated to helping you solve your health problems. There isn’t any other company out there that has a hotline for their product. Their website contains tons and tons of info on bowel and parasite cleansing, which shows they are dedicated to making the world a healthier place.

Learn more about the Colonix Program here.

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