Candida Cleanse

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Candida albicans, as you know, is a fungus that usually lives in balance with other bacteria. It it found in our intestines, genital tract, and throat. Candida is

not harmful by itself

. It has many useful functions in our body such as destroying harmful bacteria.

The best, and most effective way to get rid of candida is by doing a complete, natural candida cleanse. Taking antibiotics or medications is by far, the worst thing you can do.. it will only feed the candida and make you feel worse!

The Candida Yeast Cleanse (Candida Treatment)

Lastly, you need to do a cleanse to eliminate the bad fungi and replace your gut with good bacteria by supplementing with probiotics. Here is the complete regimen:

1. Do colon cleansing for 2-3 months (Get Dr Natura Colonix)

This is such a crucial first step. To first eliminate candida, we must clean our colon through bowel cleansing. Think about it: if your colon is clogged, and full of toxins, how will any anti-fungal (such as Oregano Oil) reach your intestines efficiently?

The best way to colon cleanse for candida sufferers is to take Dr. Natura’s Colonix Program. It is the most popular cleansing program out there (and complete too). It contains a colon cleanser, a parasite cleanser in Paranil, and KleriTea to aid digestion. Many people in alternative medicine forums such as CureZone rave about it.. there’s really no comparison.

2. Take an anti-fungal supplement for 2 weeks such as Oregano Oil. Follow the directions and guidelines in the label. You usually start out taking one capsule for the first few days, and gradually increasing the dosage until you’re taking 5-7 capsules a day (spread throughout the day).

My favorite anti-fungal is Oregano Oil, but others use caprylic acid, or even Threelac. My recommendation is Oregano Oil, because it seems to work for most people.

3. After 2 weeks, take a high-quality probiotic such as Latero-Flora, or Garden of Life’s Primal Defense. Follow the guidelines.

Remember, candidiasis is caused because the proportion of candida to beneficial bacteria is not balanced. Adding more beneficial bacteria to your intestines by taking probiotics will help correct this balance. 4. After 4 weeks, you may want to repeat steps 1-2 on more time. Take 2 more weeks of anti-fungals, then 2 more weeks of probiotics.

5. Every single day, take a colon cleanser/fiber shake such as Psyllium Husk & Bentonite Clay shake or Oxypowder. Some people like to add anti-fungals into their fiber shake – this is actually a great idea, and I would recommend doing this.

What you do is this: make your fiber shake, and afterwards add in a teaspoon of liquid caprylic acid, Oregano Oil, or even grapefruit seed extract.

6. Do rebounding. This in general, should be done in all kinds of cleansing regimens such as colon cleansing.

Rebounding involves jumping on a trampoline – it flushes out the toxins using out lymphatic system, so we don’t experience die-off effects from the candida cleanse.

What is the Key to Eliminating Candida?

To the surprise of many, it’s not the anti-fungal or probiotic you take. It’s doing colon cleansing first with a high-quality colon cleansing program such as Dr Natura’s Colonix. If you start taking anti-fungals you will not get better, because your colon is full of mucoid plaque and toxins. Cleanse your colon first… then kill that candida with Oregano Oil!

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

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