Bowel Cleanse Diet Suggestion

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These foods/supplements are not necessary to include in your diet during a bowel cleanse, but if you have some money to shell, or are suffering from chronic and severe symptoms, they are beneficial items to add to your bowel cleanse diet.

1. Triphala


is an herb, that is used in many aspects of Ayurvedic medicine. It is composed from 3 different fruits. Its many benefits include:


-improving mental functions

-detoxification of the liver

-aiding digestion

-purifying the blood

-cleanses the colon

-maintaining overall health.

-reduce weight.

-treats IBS and colitis.

-aids in constipation

-tonifies the GI tract.

-reduces blood pressure, and aids in circulation.

-correcting liver disorders.

Triphala is even used by some people alone to cleanse their colon, because it is such an effective, natural laxative that doesn’t cause any ill side effects such as irritation. It will not create dependency, so there’s no need to worry about consuming it for long periods of time. It strengthens the walls of the colon, and tonifies the large intestine, making it great for a bowel cleanse.

You can get Triphala in many vitamin and herb stores. You usually consume 2 pills per day, but in general just follow the guidelines outlined in the bottle. Take one capsule an hour before a meal.

2. Lecithin

Lecithin is a supplement made form soybeans. It acts as an emulsifier, which means it helps fatty and nonfatty substances stay together. It’s other benefits include:

-Preventing fats from glumping and forming large globes. -Aiding digestion -Improving skin issues -Decreasing cholesterol levels -Makes you remember more. -improves absorption of essential acids.

How do you take lecithin? You buy it in powder form, and mix a tablespoon or so with any liquids such as soups, fruit shakes, veggie juices, milk, stews, etc.

3. Chlorophyll

This nutrient is also effective in cleansing the colon. Its many benefits are:

-rids harmful bacteria

-heals cold sores in mouth

-heals open wounds

-supplies oxygen to all parts of your body

-destroys toxins in the colon.

-protects you from harmful radiation emitted from TV, computers, etc.

How do you consume chlorophyll? You add two tablespoons of it into a glass, and mix it with lemon juice. You need to squeeze a lemon, you can’t just use ordinary lemon juice. Afterwards pour distilled water into the glass, and drink it.

4. Perfect Food supplement

Perfect Food is made from Garden of Life, and it should be consumed during a colon cleanse if you’re not eating any fresh leafy greens. It has more than 100 or so minerals, tons of antioxidants, super-foods, as well as Vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Perfect Food is made from a variety of sources such as: -algae -sprouted grains -seeds, legumes -whole veggies -green grass -wheat, rye, barley -sea veggies -acerola cherries

Consuming 1-2 Perfect Food supplements a day will -maintain your normal weight -strengthen the colon -provide antioxidants -improve your immune system.

Of course, it’s better to consume 6-10 servings of fresh green vegetables a day instead of taking this supplement. If you’re not doing that though, it’s best to supplement with Perfect Food.

Once again, these supplements are optional to include in a bowel cleanse regimen, but are great if you can afford them.

Experience the Gentle Alternative To Fiber Cleansers

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