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Many of my visitors have emailed me telling me they have such a difficult time choosing a colon cleanser. They’ve tried those over the counter cleanser with no success. So I decided to write this independent review about the various colon cleansers out there.

There are so many commercial colon cleansers in the market right now, but the big brand names are: Colonix, OxyPowder and Dual Action Cleanse. There are other lesser known products, but in general those are the top 3 products used to colon cleanse. Based on my experience, Colonix and OxyPowder are viable options, and are in a class of their own. They are both highly raved in forums such as CureZone. Learn More About The Colonix Program

1. Dr. Natura’s Colonix Program

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Rating: 9.8 out of 10 Price Range: $88.00

Overview: Colonix is made by DrNatura and is one of the most highly regarded, and raved natural colon cleanser in the internet (visit any health forum and you’ll see). Unlike a cleanser like Oxypowder, it is a fiber-based colon cleanser. It is made of Psyllium Husk, Senna as well as a variety of other herbs. I used Colonix for 2 months a few years ago, and afterwards felt much less bloating, no more constipation, and an end to candida and acne.

– Colonix is the most high quality cleanser, and the most popular as well. The amount of positive reviews that can be found online is huge, which shows how effective the product is.  – For most people, you experience fast results within the first few days.  – Unlike other cleansers, it helps eliminates parasites, which is a huge plus. With Colonix, you basically get a comprehensive cleansing regimen, and as a result you don’t need to worry about getting anything else.  – Easy to find and order.  – Effective in losing weight. Some people report losing as much as 10-15 lbs in a month.

The thing that you may not like about the program is the high price. It may be a bit much for some people, but if you’re looking for quality, then Colonix is for you. 3 months of cleansing will heal almost anyone.

The pictures truly are disgusting, but we need to realize that our colons are filled with toxins as a result of a lifetime of poor diet, and lifestyle. These toxins eventually circulate back to our bloodstream leading to toxic diseases (this includes acne, candida, arthritis).

Instead of just popping a pill, hoping for a quick solution, we need to stop depending on medications, which can have dangerous side effects. Everyone needs to start cleansing naturally, and when we do, we will no longer feel sluggish, or constantly sick and tired. We will feel energized, revitalized, rejuvenated, cleaner, smoother, and much healthier.

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2. Oxypowder


8.5 out of 10

Price Range:$42.00

Overview: Oxypowder is an oxygen-based colon cleanse product, which means it uses oxygen to cleanse the entire colon. It does not use fiber to “push” all the fecal matter out of your colon. I used Oxypowder in my colon cleansing regimen and helped towards reducing my constipation. Overall, it works okay, but I find I have to keep taking it, which can be a nuisance.

Oxypowder uses oxygen to cleanse the colon, which has an added benefit. Oxygen is supplied to our bowels, strengthening and tonifying our colon, providing an ideal, friendly environment for good bacteria. Oxypowder is very convenient as it is just capsules – you do not need to mix powder at all.

-Supplies oxygen to tonify colon -The oxygen works more effectively than fiber for some people. -Is much more convenient than making fiber shakes -Easy to take: You just swallow tasteless capsules.

Cons: – If you can’t afford to lose weight, OxyPowder might not be for you. – Not a complete body cleansing system. However, they do offer a complete cleansing kit which comes with a parasite cleanser, and probiotics.

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3. Dual Action Cleanse


7 out of 10

Price Range: $60.00

Overview: I’ve tried Dual Action Cleanse just recently, as I was experiencing some constipation. So I bought a few orders. Dual Action Cleanse is basically a 2-part system (Colon Clear and Total Body Purifier) that aids in eliminating wastes without constipation, straining, or loose stools. Like Colonix, Dual Action Cleanse is also a fiber-based colon cleanser.

Pros: – Like Colonix, it can help put a relief to short-term constipation – Good fast solution for those with minor constipation. – Easy to order.

Cons: – Ineffective as a part of a colon cleansing regimen – Unwarranted high price due to bad quality – Based on my experience, it removes a ton of probiotics (more than usual). So you’ll need to supplement with a probiotic such as Toxinout when taking it.

Learn About Colonix and Toxinout

4. Almighty Cleanser


5 out of 10

Price Range: $80

Overview: I’ve also tried Almighty Cleanse within the past few months. Almighty Cleanse claims to act as a complete intestinal cleanser that will put an end to your bloating, constipation, and will ultimately make you feel lighter and energized. Almighty Cleanser has recently been featured in a lot of infomercials.

Pros: – Well-marketed due to constantly appearing in infomercials – Effective for the first week or so, so good if you need a “quick fix”

Cons: – Bad side effects such as wanting to throw up (and actually throwing up) – Weight gain due to gain in appetite – A lot of people complain they feel more bloated, and experience less bowel movements – Poor colon cleanse product to use in a comprehensive cleansing regimen.


In the end, no one product fits all because everybody’s body is different. If a product or regimen is working for you, then stick with it, by all means.

For me, the Colonix Program is still the most effective colon cleanser I’ve used, helping me to eliminate candida, gain more energy, and lose weight. A few years ago, my health and body was so bad, I was literally at the end of the rope. It wasn’t until I did a colon cleanse with Colonix (combined with parasite cleansing, liver flushes, and candida cleansing), that my candida was gone… my chronic acne disappeared, and my weight went back to normal.

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