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Toxinout is a new product developed by Dr. Natura, the same folks who made the Colonix Kit. You are probably wondering whether Toxinout and Colonix is worth buying or not. Since so many people ask me this question, I decided to write a review of the Toxinout/Colonix Program.


Toxinout is usually used to cleanse the liver, which is one of the most important organs in the body. It is responsible for removing toxins, and thinning the blood.


I bought 3 packs of Toxinout, along with 3 packs of Colonix on March of this year. Every year, I tried to do some cleansing for maintenance, and since I never tried Toxinout, I thought this was the perfect opportunity.


I recieved everything as planned, and that night sought out to start my complete cleansing program. I took the KleriTea per the guidelines. I didn't really sleep well that night, and felt some slight bloating as well. The next morning, I took the parasite cleanser Paranil, then the colon cleanser fiber shake. Later that day, I had a slight bowel movement, but didn't really eliminated much. For the rest of the day, I had some bloating.


I've always had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) but had it under control. This was the first time in years that I experienced such bloating.

The Regimen

The second day, I decided to slightly increase the steeping time of the KleriTea. I continued taking 2 pills, but increased the amt of fiber as well.


On the 3rd day of the regimen, i went to the bathroom two times..


On the 4th day, I had 1 full scoop of fiber. I had just 1 bowel movement, and didn't eliminate any mucoid plaque or parasites yet.. But I can tell that something huge is going to come out soon one of these days. I've eliminated normal looking bowels, and gas. I think the next few days will be more adventurous.. we'll see.


On the 5th day, I've still seen no unusual matter in the toilet. My bowels are normal shaped, and I've just passed out more gas than usual. No parasites. No brown icky mucoid plaque or rope. No eggs. Nothing.


I've also experienced some detox effects with Colonix now... for the past day, I've felt some headaches, and feel like I caught a cold. My nose is becoming runny constantly. I hope this is a good sign that the toxins are being eliminated out of my body.


On the 6th day, I took four Paranil, and a scoop of fiber. I've continued to feel some bloating in my stomach. I did some jogging and rebounding this morning, and sweated a lot.. it's good to do some while cleansing to get those toxins out! Some good news, I stepped on the scale this morning and saw I lost 4 lbs this week! I didn't expect to lose any weight with Dr. Natura, but hey that's a great bonus!


On the bathroom front, I had my first unusual bowel movement. My bowels were not normal at all - it looked like a huge brown blob with threads attached. Was this mucoid plaque? It certainly was not long, and shaped like intestines, so I don't think so. It still looked very disgusting, and definitely a good sign that Colonix is starting to work!


On Day 7, I kept taking the Paranil, Toxinout and Colonix. This is also the second straight day I've seen ususual bowels in the toilet.. some little bits and pieces of brown globs are stuck in the toilet. Some greenish things as well!


In the 2nd week, I've been steeping the tea longer. This has resulted in sleeping better in the night. I've increased the fiber slightly to 1.5 scoops. As for my bowels, well, I've finally eliminated what looks to be mucoid plaque! It was around a foot and a half long, and was shaped like my intestines. It was dark brown, and definitely did not look like normal bowels at all! This was definitely plaque! YUCK!


In the 3rd week, every single day I've been eliminating more and more mucoid plaque. Extremely nasty, but for some perverse reason I just have to take pics... I've been losing more and more weight as I've been eliminating more of this nasty stuff. My roommate can not believe the smell I leave afterwards. Yep, it's truly disgusting.


I never believe DrNatura Colonix and Toxinout could eliminate such nasty things from my body. I had no clue that my colon was this clogged, and these toxins were in my colon all this time! No wonder most of us have some sort of health ailment, whether it's candida, acne, IBS, or obesity.. speaking of which, I lost a total of 15 lbs in 2 months with Dr. Natura Colonix.


But more importantly, I've felt healthier, less sluggish, and much much more energized. I felt like a totally revived person with a new spirit. I can't thank the guys over at Dr Natura enough for such a great product. Keep up the good work, and thanks for what you've done for my health! If you're looking for Dr Natura Colonix Discount, go over to



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