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ThreeLac is one of the most popular candida (anti-fungal) products in the market right now, but does it work?


I discovered I had candida 5 years ago. It was a problem I had for many many years, but doctors never discovered it.. they told me I had an hormonal imbalance, liver disease, PCOS, acne, but in the end all of these were symptoms, and the actual problem was candida infection (yeast infection).


I tried ThreeLac and used it as part of a 3 month candida cleansing regimen. I took ThreeLac, as well as followed a strict anti-fungal diet, along with regular detox baths and colonics. After ruining my life for 10+ years, my candida was finally eliminated forever, because of ThreeLac. Unlike other products, it offered the following:


- Eliminates candida, thrush and yeast infection

- Is more effective than other products
Threelac is formulatd in a way that it enables lactobacillus strains to pass through digestive system unharmed, so that it reaches your intestines and does its job. Other probiotics die before they reach our colon.

- Offers the final blow to get candida under control
An anti-candida diet helped me eliminate candida, but it didn't put it under control. Taking ThreeLac finally eliminated my candida permanently, and it never became an issue with me.

First off, I want to emphasize that no anti-fungal product will ever work if you do not follow strictly an anti-fungal diet. This includes avoiding all sugars. Yes, all sugars - this include fruits too for the first 2-3 weeks. Avoid grains, wheat, white rice, milk, cookies, junk food, potato chips, honey, and fast foods.


The anti-candida diet is one of the most strictest diets out there, and incredibly hard to follow, but you must have good discipline. You should try to eat more foods with probiotics such as kefir, yogurt, and raw sauerkraut. So, taking ThreeLac is important, but you need to change your diet as well!


With that said, I had a tremendous experience with ThreeLac, and am thankful I discovered it. Previously I tried Primal Defense, and although it works for some people, it never put an end to candida. It would kill the candida for a few weeks, but it would become an issue again. I took ThreeLac, and after 3 months, my candida finally disappeared.


Afterwards, my chronic acne went away, and I experienced a boost of energy, as my health was restored. Many people don't realize that candida is not just a yeast infection - it's an ailment that can lead to other ailments such as acne, constipation, leaky gut syndrome, parasites, and a lack of energy.


It's a shame modern doctors don't even recognize the seriousness of candida. Many years ago, doctors just kept telling me to take antibiotics, and addressed only the symptoms. It wasn't until I visited a naturopathist that I realized that these doctors were just wrong. It's sickening how they just want to prescribe you a pill, but I realize - that's all they know... they don't know much about natural cures, and how the body really works.


Most people ask me if they need to take a probiotic such as Primal Defense along with ThreeLac, and the answer is no. You may supplement with it if you wish, but it will not make it anymore effective. Taking ThreeLac for 3-4 months should kill candida for most people, so getting a 3 month supply should be more than sufficient.


In addition, most people ask me if they need to get colonics done regularly when candida cleansing. It really would benefit you as it gets rid of toxins from your rectum (so that it doesn't return to your bloodstream), but if you can't afford it, you do not have to get colonics. Just make sure you do everything else correctly: Stick to a strict anti-candida diet, and try ThreeLac for at least 3 months.


So, in the end, I would recommend ThreeLac to anyone suffering from candida because of the following:


- Finally eliminated my yeast infection
Candida plagued my health for my entire young adult life, leading to acne, constipation, and digestive problems. I tried all sorts of probiotics, with no success.

- Eliminated chronic symptoms
Candida led to a whole array of other symptoms (I mentioned acne and digestive problems). It turned out when my candida disappeared, these other problems were gone as well.

- Helped me lose some weight
ThreeLac also helped me lose 10 lbs during the 3 months I took it. I don't recommend taking it for weight loss, but losing weight is always a great extra benefit

- Gave me a boost of energy
I used to constantly feel tired, and it was because the candida led to brain fog. After 3 months taking ThreeLac, I experienced a great boost of energy.

When you look other anti-candida products, they really aren't as effective. Primal Defense, and the Garden of Life's anti-fungals are effective, but not as powerful as ThreeLac. Other products have strains, but they are destroyed by your digestive system before they each reach your intestines. With ThreeLac, that's simply not the case, and that is the main difference between this product and others. It doesn't matter how powerful the strains are, if it can't be delivered, it's useless, right?





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