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If you bumped into this article, you probably heard a bit about the Sonoma Diet. And you're wondering if it's worth subscribing to. Well, you came to the right place. Read this review to find out.


I found out about the Sonoma Diet one day when browsing in my local Barnes and Noble bookstore. I was looking around the diet section, and found an interesting book that stuck out. It was about the Sonoma Diet by health expert Connie Gutterson. The Sonoma Diet, named after the location in CA is very distinct, and borrows a lot from the Mediterranean diet.

Introduction - So What is the Sonoma Diet?

The Sonoma Diet brands itself by calling itself the "most flavorful diet plan under thy sun". In short, the diet is unique from other diets in that you will LOVE eating its foods. While the diet has a lot of variety (unlike others), it stresses these ten foods:


- Almonds.
- Bell Pepers (My uncle's favorite!)
- Blueberries
- Grapes - yep, they indeed can be fermented.
- Brocolli (Eat your veggies!)
- Grapes (green or purple)
- Olive Oil (extremely healthy oil)
- Spinach (popeye was right!)
- Whole Grains
- Tomatoes
- Strawberries (mmmmm)

What Are the 3 Waves?

The Sonoma Diet is organized into three waves. Each wave takes ten days, and each one is more strict than the previous. The 2nd wave is where the main weight loss occurs. The 3rd wave is simply the phase where you maintain your normal, healthy weight.


The Sonoma Diet is built upon the principle that you should eat normal-portioned meals, never large ones. You should not have to count calories too. To make sure you eat the right portions in your meals, you should measure the size of your bowls you use for each meal.


For breakfast, you should use a 7 inch plate. For lunch, and supper you should use a 9 inch plate. The diet will tell you what to fill each plate with for each wave.

Why should I sign up for the online program?

1. The online program contains over 800 recipes for you to choose from.
With so many possible recipes, you will never grow tired of the food. Other diets out there don't have this variety. With the Sonoma diet, you will LOVE eating fresh, nutritious, tasteful food.


2. The online program contains meal planners, trackers and forums.
To keep track of what meals you are going to eat, and when, they have useful tools. You can plan your meals for the entire week in their website, and jot down how much weight you lost. If you need support, their forum is full of people just like you! There will plenty of people that will answer your questions.


3. It's very inexpensive
At just $5/week, their online program is quite inexpensive, and invaluable.


The Sonoma Diet is definitely one of the best weight loss diets out there, simply because it offers so many fine-tasting food, and it doesn't focus on counting calories. It's really not even a diet at all, in the sense you won't hate going on it.


There are many testimonials and weight loss success stories of people losing 20, 40, 60, and even 80 lbs under the Sonoma Diet. The diet is chock full of healthy foods such as almonds and olive oil. Its focus on Mediterranean foods make the Sonoma Diet one of the best out there, in terms of weight loss and complete health!

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