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When doing colon cleansing, you should make sure you flush the colon either with colonics (colemas) or enemas. Don't want to shell out the money for a colonic, or don't feel comfortable giving yourself an enema? There's one last option that effectively gives you the same results as those 2: the salt water flush.


A salt water flush flushes out toxins from your colon just like an enema. Before doing a salt water flush you need to skip one meal beforehand, such as dinner. One usually does a salt water flush in the morning, as soon as you wake up. Choose a day when you don't have work, or don't have to go anywhere.


Here is the procedure:
1. Heat up 1 quart of filtered water in a pan.
2. Add 2 spoons of sea salt to the pan of water.
3. Have a taste of the water, and ensure it tastes very salty. If it doesn't taste salty, add more salt.
4. Afterwards, pour all the water to a glass.
5. Drink down the water quickly.
6. Crouch and rub your abdomen. This helps break down any clumped fecal matter.
7. After 15 mins to 2 hours, you should have diarrhea. You will release the water out your anus. If you don't have diarrhea after 2 hours, you did not put enough salt. So next time, please put more!


Drinking down 1 quart of extremely salty water can be very difficult the first time, but in subsequent tries, it gets easier. Some people even end up throwing up after drinking down all that water. It is extremely disgusting - it may not sound bad at first, but trust me, you will never want to drink another sip of salted water for the rest of your life. Just hang in there, and keep drinking the entire glass down.


The salted water is not absorbed by your digestive system at all. It passes all the way through your colon, and out through your anus. The reason it's not absorbed has to do with gravity. The enormous amount of salt practically "pushes" the water through your entire body.


A salt water flush can replace an enema, and can be used not only during bowel cleansing, but during any type of cleansing regimen that requires an enema such as: liver, candida, kidney, and parasite cleansing. Some sites out there claim a salt water flush alone is enough to cleanse your organs and make your body less toxic, but salt water flush is only effective as a part of the cleansing regimen.


If you can't an enema, or colonic, by all means try the salt water flush. However, it is by far the hardest method for most people to face.

After A Salt Water Flush (Important)

A salt water flush, like an enema and colonic will flush away good bacteria from your GI tract. To replace these good bacteria, you need to supplement with a probiotic such as Latero-Flora or Primal Defense!

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