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Many of my visitors have asked me my thoughts on the Dr Natura program Colonix. As many of you know, I personally ordered and tried the program a couple of years ago - the first time I ever tried colon cleansing.


Dr Natura, however is more than a colon cleansing program. It is so much more, as it contains Paranil, a parasite cleanser, as well as a tea that will aid in digestion. Also, many people order Toxinout with Colonix, so in essence, you can liver cleanse as well. Ultimately, there's no reason not to get Colonix if you want to do your body a huge favor.


With DrNatura + Toxinout, you can conduct colon cleansing, parasite cleansing as well as liver cleansing all within the span of 2-3 months. Here are some reviews on Colonix people have emailed me. Overall, the reviews are glowing and positive.


From Julia Wong:


"I tried Dr Natura's Colonix a few months ago, and so far it is working as planned. I wanted to try colon cleansing for my acne, and although I still get a few spots here and there, I am pleased to say that most of my cysts have disappeared, and no news one have come up.


Previously I tried antibiotics, and all those facial creams.. they were pretty much useless. I was attracted to the idea of giving my body something natural, that would get rid of toxins from the inside out. Well, after the first week, I didn't notice much difference in my bowels. But after 2 weeks.. whoa that was when all the nasty stuff came exploding out of my bowels... that brown gooey icky junk they call mucoid plaque.


After a month on the program, my chronic acne had stopped slightly. My skin felt smoother, but I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. No longer did I feel drowsy and sleepy after a long day of work.. Nope, I felt more energized, and high-spirited. It felt so good to be able to play with my daughters after work, instead of laying on the couch watching TV (although that's good sometimes ^_^)


After 2 months of cleansing, my acne had just disappeared - the cysts that is... My scars are diminishing day by day, and I just love what Colonix has done for me. I am planning to continue taking Colonix for a few months more, hopefully by then, my acne will have completely disappeared."


From Randy Paulos


"Hi there.. I ordered Dr Natura earlier this year, and am pleased to say that it has definitely improved my constipation issues. I tried so many laxatives, and even tried giving myself an enema, but none of those had the same effect as doing colon cleansing.


I had serious constipation issues.. I mean really serious. I had to struggle and exert so much effort just to have 1 single bowel movement. Whereas previously I was just having 1 bowel movement every 5 days, after taking Colonix, immediately I was having 1-2 a day. And these weren't just any ordinary bowel movement..


I was eliminating mucoid plaque, toxins and parasites after the first week.. Don't worry about seeing parasites.. the only reason I knew they were parasites was because I used a magnifying glass to inspect my bowels.


But those pics you see on the colonix website are real... I never thought so myself, but after colon cleansing, I was amazed at all the toxins that were actually stuck in my colon - no wonder I had to struggle to eliminate my bowels.


I am glad I discovered Colonix, and would recommend to anyone with constipation, or any health problems for that matter. The difference you will feel in your energy levels, and your general health will be wonderful"

Colonix program

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