Probiotics During and After Colon Cleansing

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.




Many people have asked me if it is truly necessary to take probiotics during and after a cleanse. And my answer is simple: Yes, definitely - we must take a probiotic during and after cleansing.


During a colon cleanse, whether we're taking Oxypowder, or Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay shakes, friendly bacteria is removed, as well as toxins. Psyllium Husks is a fiber that pushes all the junk out of our body, but it doesn't discriminate between toxins and good bacteria. As a result, there is a bacterial imbalance in our GI tract, which can cause a host of other problems.


You see, there are millions and millions of different micro-organisms and bacteria that exist together in our gut. This vast system of bacteria work together and is crucial to the overall health of our body. It indirectly and directly affects almost every other organ in our body. If there's an imbalance, we feel sick, sluggish, and drowsy. We won't get all the nutrients we need, as our digestive system loses its effectiveness, so we suffer malnutrition. Our bowel movements are affected too.


Some of the symptoms of a bacterial imbalance in our colon include:
-Recurrent sugar cravings
-Fatigue, and constipation
-Acid reflux and digestive issues
-Acne and skin problems
-Bad breath
-Frequent flus and cols


A friendly bacterial environment is crucial for:

-Ensuring our digestive system works efficiently.
-Digesting and absorbing nutrients
-Reduce effects of food intolerance
-Improves immune system
-Improves general well-being.
-Ensure pathogens do not overpopulate the colon, and cause diseases.
-Treating IBS, Crohn disease, and even colon cancer.


To replace these friendly bacteria, most if not all people who do a cleanse take a probiotic during cleansing. They usually take a supplement such as Latero-Flora. One usually takes the probiotic supplement 2-3 times a day, and a hour before or after the colon cleanser shake. Of course the specific procedure differs depending on the probiotic, so make sure you read the guidelines listed. It's also recommended to continue taking probiotics after cleansing is over.


What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live strains of good bacteria. Yes, bacteria. They usually include bacteria such as lactobacillus and acidopilus. Everytime you are consuming yogurt, or kefir you are actually consuming probiotics.


However, due to all the processing modern foods undergo, the amount of friendly bacteria in foods is greatly diminished. So even though they aren't cleansing, some people take a probiotic as an everyday supplement. As more and more people learn about the many benefits of probiotics, I wouldn't be surprised if probiotics eventually become as popular as fish oil, and green tea.


A good probiotic supplement that I used during my colon cleanse is Latero-Flora. I've also seen other people using it during cleansing in the CureZone forum, and was recommended to me by a close friend of mine. When you take Latero-Flora during cleansing, it populates your GI tract with healthy intestinal flora, supports our immune system, and gives our digestive system a much needed boost - which is exactly what we need.


Probiotics should be taken during colon cleansing, as well as other cleansing regimens such as liver, kidney, and especially candida. Everyone who does a cleansing regimen always takes probiotics to replace the friendly bacteria. Some of the best ones I recommend are Latero-Flora and Primal Defense.




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Latero-Flora™ can help maintain a healthy colon by populating the intestines with beneficial bacteria.

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.







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