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From maintaining healthy bowel movements to my reviews of various weight loss products, here are various articles that might interest you. They do not fall under any general topic, so I decided to bunch them together in the miscellaneous category. There are some gems here if you decide to dig them up.


Looking to Start Colon Cleansing?

Oxy-Powder was one of the first colon cleansers I used, and it did a wonderful job in naturally eliminating mucoid plaque, and cleansing my colon. It uses oxgen to eliminate toxins and fecal matter in your colon, getting rid of constipation, and bloating permanently. It also provides much needed oxygen to your bowels.

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OxyPowder Does It Really Work?
Learn more about OxyPowder, what exactly it does, and what customers have been saying about it.

Colon Health Tips
The colon can become dirty because of air pollution, unprocessed foods and water pollution.

Colon Cleansing: An Acne Treatment

Colon Health And You
Why is colon health so crucial?

Colon Problem
Do you have a colon problem? How to diagnose yourself.

Avoiding Heavy Metals
We are subjected to them everyday. Here are some tips on avoiding these toxins.

Pollution and Toxins
Why being subjected to air pollution means a toxic colon.

Colon Cleansing for Hemorrhoids
If you have hemorrhoids, you might want to cleanse.

Eating White Bread = Bowel Cleanse
Why white bread can lead to mucoid plaque and a clogged colon.

Who Usually Cleanses?
Who usually does colon cleansing?

Any Dangers to Colon Cleansing?
Are there any dangers I should know about?

Colon Cleansing For Your Skin
Did you know your skin can clear up after you cleanse?

Bowel Movement Question
How can I cleanse my colon to make my bowel movements more regular?

Another Cleasing Regimen: Triphala
An alternative cleansing method using Triphala.

How a Toxic Colon Can Lead to Candida
How a clogged colon can lead to candida albicans.

Natural Constipation Relief
Some natural ways to relieve constipation.

Sign and Symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Signs and symptoms of IBS.

Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss
How cleansing can help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Product Reviews
Reviews of various weight loss products

Master Cleansing Diet
The master cleansing diet and fasting regimen for cleansing your bowels.

Picture of Hemorrhoids
Some pictures and images of hemorrhoids to enlighten you.

MediFast Coupon Codes
Coupon Codes for the MediFast Program

Dr.Natura Review
A review of Dr.Natura

Dr Natura Stories
Stories of Dr Natura regimens

Does Colonix work?
Does Colonix work for cleansing? Find out here.

Review of Toxinout
What about Toxinout? Read this review.

Buy Colonix - Where?
Where is the best place to buy Colonix for cheap?

Dermacia Review
Review of the cosmetic Dermacia, which is great for acne.

Sonoma Diet
A smart, tasteful diet - The Sonoma Diet

Body Cleansing Introduction
An intro to body cleansing

Liver Cleansing Diet
How to do liver cleansing.

How to Drug Detox
Looking to drug detox? Read this article to learn how to.

Benefits of Probiotics
What are the various benefits of taking probiotics?

Garden of Life Probiotics
About the Garden of Life Probiotics

Castor Oil
What the heck is castor oil, anyway?

Leaky Gut Syndrome
Do you have leaky gut? Read about it here.

Laxative Tea
How laxative tea can relieve constipation

Psyllium Seeds
The benefits of taking psyllium seeds

Hulda Clark Zappers Guide
Who should use Hulda Clark Zappers and why?

Ion Cleansing
What you need to know about doing an ion cleanse

How to Do A Home Colonic
How can one do a home colonic, and who usually does one?

Colonic Inertia
What is colonic inertia?

Colonic Machines
Basic facts you should know about colonic machines

Differences between a colonic and enema
What are the differences between the two?

High Colonic
What is a high colonic, and what are they used for?

Foods to avoid with diverticulitis
What should one avoid if you have diverticulitis?

How To Cope With Diverticulitis Successfully
What are some easy, simple ways to cope and deal with diverticulitis?

Symptoms of Diverticulitis
What are the main, primary symptoms of diverticulitis?

What the Heck is Acute Diverticulitis ?
An introductory article describing acute diverticulitis.

7 Day Miracle Cleanse Review
A short review of the 7 day Miracle Cleanse

IntraCleanse Review
A review of IntraCleanse - a colon cleanser product

Colonix Scam
Is the Colonix Program a scam or not?

Colonix Intestinal Cleanser
Top reasons why you should buy the Colonix Intestinal Cleanser to cleanse.

Colonix Internal Cleansing Program

Colonix Complaint Reviews

What is a Niacin Flush?

Natural laxatives





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