Lipozene Review


If you bumped onto this page, you probably heard about Lipozene from some infomercial, or commercial. It's a heavily marketed weight loss pill, but does it even work? The short answer is:

No, it does not work. (Want to know what does...?)


Here are some of the main reasons why you should stay away from Lipozene:


1. Too many side effects
One of the main reasons I can't recommend Lipozene is because of the dangers of serious side effects. We are talking about drowsiness, vomiting, and fever-like symptoms in the short term. In the long-term, who knows?


2. Is simply ineffective
So you can tolerate side effects. But the product just does not work. Many have taken it without losing a single lb.


3. Has been featured in many "scam" pages
If you do a basic search online, you'll see testimonials about how Lipozene is simply a scam product. Do yourself a favor and save your money, folks.


Losing weight requires taking natural supplements that suppresses your appetite effectively such as Hoodia Gordonii . Unlike Lipozene and other diet pills, Hoodia is all-natural, and in recent years has been proven to help lose weight permanently with no side effects. It's probably the only diet supplement I can recommend to my visitors.


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Still believe Lipozene is for you? Well, read what other people think of this diet pill: 


"I bought Lipozene at my local drug store for just $20.00. At first I thought it was a bargain, but I am now on my second week and I can tell you for sure, that Lipozene just doesn't work.


I talked to the company that makes it, and they tell you that you should take at least 6 pills per day. I followed all the instructions, and took them throughout the day. Even though it hasn't been a month, I don't think I will buy anymore."
-Sarah Connors


"I haven't bought or tried Lipozene, but my friend has. She used it for a little over a month, and used it in addition to exercising, drinking WuLong Tea, and even doing a master cleanse (lemonade diet). Unfortunately, Lipozene did absolutely nothing for her.. I hope it sounds mean but she still has the same whale-like figure.


However, just to warn people why you should avoid this product: The supplement is sold by the same company who sell other useless health products.


Lipozene is just one of many useless pills that is being marketed to gullible idiots who watch infomercials. Please stop falling for their scams. Sooner or later, if we all ignore them, the weight loss pill industry will disappear. Exercising, and intestinal cleansing are your best bets to lose weight, folks."
-Kelly Richars


"I bought Lipozene a few months ago for $30.00, and recieved a free month's supply. They wanted me to buy their other products, but I refused. Well, after 1+ months of taking it, I am simply disgusted. Not only did I DID NOT lose weight, but I felt more sluggish, and tired. Taking Lipozene literally made me more bloated, and drained all the energy I had.


I called them back a few weeks ago, and now I have to give them back everything I bought. However, they will not refund my shipping costs - I have to pay for it as well. I argued and argued, but lost the battle. I suggest you avoid Lipozene, and try other alternatives, such as regular exercise. If you're desperate, and nothing works, try Trimspa, or Hoodia."
-Anne Lowell


What is my review of Lipozene? Well, personally I have not used it for weight loss purposes. In fact, the only product I have tried (and ever need to) is Hoodia Gordonii Plus.


If you do any search for Lipozene, you won't find any useful info about why their product works, and the scientific evidence to back it up. There are no official records of any studies down whatsoever. This tells me one thing, and 1 thing only: Lipozene probably doesn't work.


If you want to lose weight permanently, I firmly believe most diet pills out there are a waste of money. The only proven way to lose weight is to suppress your appetite - everything else is simply quackish. Taking Hoodia Gordonii for a few months, coupled with exercise and a healthy diet will help you lose more than 50 lbs in a short amount of time permanently. Everything else is simply a waste of money (and not natural).


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