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If you are looking to cleanse and lose weight at the same time, I would recommend trying the Colonix Program, instead of Isagenix. If you visit many alternative health forums, you'll see that many people just rave about the product. Not only will you lose weight, but you will get rid of harmful toxins that are stuck deep in your colon. Start Losing Weight and Cleansing...



Hoodia... Trimspa.. and now Isagenix. Is it me or do weight loss pills have the weirdest names? Anyway, though some of you may not believe me, I was overweight a few years ago. I weighed as much as 150 lbs, and like most girls out there I desperately wanted to lose weight.


And like most people, I sometimes make impulsive decisions and bought whatever was the "hottest" weight loss pill out there. For some reason, Isagenix caught my attention, and I decided to give it a try - I guess the weight loss Gods were beckoning me to try it.


Anyway, since Isagenix is also used by many to cleanse their body, I thought I should write a review on whether it was effective for losing weight/cleansing. Enjoy the read.


Isagenix is a very popular weight loss product that has been in the market for 3 years. For those who don't know, they have a 9 and 30-Day Program that is designed to not only help you lose weight, but help you cleanse your entire system with various herbs and vitamins.


With Isagenix, you have to drink their IsaLean shakes, which to say the least are very gross. It's probably the hardest part of the entire regimen, as the taste can be intolerable. I vomited during the first two days, but afterwards got used to it a little. The aftertaste is pretty bad too, and my ex-boyfriend complained that I had bad breath when we kissed (I guess that's why he's my ex-boyfriend now =).


- I didn't expect Isagenix to be a miracle diet pill - I just wanted to experience a 15-20 lb weight loss to give me confidence. I made sure to follow a strict, healthy diet, counting calories, and exercising for 1 hour everyday.


- During the first few days of the program, expect to feel dizzy. Don't fret - this is because Isagenix is cleansing your system, and removing toxins our of your body. The dizzinesss is good - it means the product is removing these toxins from your system. I had to drink a lot of water during the entire diet.


- You might become constipated on the first few days as well. During the first 2 days, my stomach felt bloated, and afterwards the bloating stopped. (Don't worry, you're not pregnant!)


- Though it may just be me, the one good thing I can say about Isagenix is that it did help me sleep better. Usually I wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, but with Isagenix I slept like Garfield.


- After the first 4 days, my weight dropped from 150 lbs to 148 lbs, which was a 2 pound drop. I attributed this to water loss, but I admit I felt a little lighter


- I lost as much as 5 lbs after one week. However, afterwards, I didn't change any part of my regimen, but my weight loss just halted. After the 30-day program was over, my weight gradually went back up to 150.


The bottom line with diet pills is they all have side effects, which means you can't take them for your entire lifetime. Sure, you may lose weight in the first week, but as soon as you stop taking the pills, you will regain your weight slowly and surely. These past few years have taught me a lot about health - you shouldn't focus solely on weight loss. What's the point of losing weight if you aren't healthy and will die at an early age?


Speaking as friend, and doctor, I suggest you look to natural methods to restore your health and start body cleansing with natural herbs that will cause no side-effects, and that can be taken permanently without harm (unlike Isagenix).


I mentioned I weighed as much as 150 lbs a few years ago. Now, I'm happily around the 110 lb range. How did I lose 40 lbs? Not using any dangerous, "fad" weight loss pills, such as Isagenix. I started to lose weight when I didn't focus on losing weight, ironically. I focused instead of restoring vital health naturally and cleansing my body.


What worked for me was a 2 month colon cleansing regimen with Colonix, followed by a series of liver flushes. After my cleansing, I not only lost weight, but more importantly felt more energized, and healthier.



If you don't have time and lead a busy lifestyle the easiest and most effective way to start cleansing is to simply try a colon cleanser such as the Colonix Program, which personally helped me kill my candida infection, parasites, and eliminated my chronic acne. It is the best colon cleanser out there, as it acts as a colon cleanser and parasite cleanser. If you're looking for an oxygen-based cleanser, then perhaps you should take a look at Oxy-Powder.

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Isagenix Grade: 3/10

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