How To Cope With Diverticulitis Successfully

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Diverticulitis can be a pain condition for some individuals, particularly if it is a reoccurring problem that doesn't seem to go away.



Because the condition of diverticulitis can be largely attributed to dietary habits, those individuals who suffer from this condition but then do not make corresponding changes to their diet once they recover are going to be most likely at risk for seeing the symptoms developing once again, and thus increasing the chances they never fully recover.



Luckily, by making some changes you can not only enable yourself to cope with diverticulitis successfully but also put the condition fully behind you.



When you first realize that you have the condition, it is likely best to speak to a doctor as promptly as you can. If the condition is very serious, you will require prompt medical attention so it's of utmost importance that you get this when needed.



Generally the type of treatment you will receive for diverticulitis will depend upon what type of conditions you have and the severity you are experiencing them. Some personal factors such as age may also come into play in your doctor's decision of how to proceed with treatment options.



Generally speaking acute diverticulitis tends to be more severe in those who are younger than 40 years. This could partially be the result of a delayed diagnosis however, as sometimes the symptoms they have are not all that noticeable.



Older individuals as well tend to get hit worse by the condition, and this is likely due to the fact their immune system isn't functioning as well and they are usually not quite as strong physically as they were when they were younger.



Finally, anyone who has comorbid conditions, diabetes or renal failure for example, will see a much greater severity in the symptoms they typically experience.



If the condition is quite intense then an individual will probably start on a liquid diet along with seven to ten days of oral antimicrobial therapy.



If infection or peritonitis develop then the person will be required to become an inpatient in the hospital, otherwise, in most instances, outpatient treatment can be sought.



Sometimes a patient is given pain medication to help cope with the disorder if it is becoming particularly problematic for them. Usually the choice of medication will be morphine, as it will cause an increased tone of the small and large sphincter, decreased gastric secretions, pancreatic juice and bile, an increase in water absorption and intestinal content compaction.



After the severity of the condition has gone down, then the patient will begin looking more at improving their condition from the nutritional side of things.



Those who do not experience diverticulitis all that severe in the first place can often skip right to this step and see vast improvements simply by changing the way they are eating.



The biggest focus on the diet is getting a higher intake of fibre, as lack of fibre is what sets the condition off in the first place.



This is done by first getting an increased amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Skin should never be removed from fruits and vegetables either, as this is normally where most of the fibre is contained.



Next you should try and include more whole grain products in your diet, particularly bran type of cereals. These are a great source of fibre and usually contain very little sugar, thus further helping to improve the overall quality of the diet.



It may also be a good idea to try and reduce the fat content of the diet slightly, if normally your diet is quite high in fat. This can cause further issues with the colon and may make some already sensitive people react.



Finally, once the condition has been treated and you seem to be doing much better, a last measure should be having a colonoscopy done to ensure malignancy will not be an issue.



Overall, as long as proper measures are taken, this is a condition that you should be able to deal with and prevent in the future quite successfully.




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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.






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