What is a High Colonic ?

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
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A high colonic, also sometimes referred to as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is an alternative medical practice that flushes out the colon with warm filtered water.



In doing so, its main goal is to remove the build-up of waste that has accumulated within the tissues of the body and can be harmful to both your digestive and your general health and well-being.



People who perform high colonic's typically claim that having this procedure done on a regular basis will help keep the individual healthier and prevent them from experiencing any type of digestive problems.



Most doctors who are practicing in typical 'family doctor' environments do not recommend the use of colonic's so it is definitely something that would be classified under the alternative medicine category. As such, before having one done, the individual needs to be sure they are comfortable with the procedure.



There have been studies conducted on high colonic's however that do suggest that it is a safe practice, provided you are doing it in clean and proper conditions. Having it done by an untrained individual is likely not a good idea nor would be going somewhere that does not appear to use proper antibacterial procedures.



People who are regularly practicing alternative medicine believe that high colonic's work because fecal matter tends to build up over time in the colon and will interfere with the bodies' ability to absorb nutrients properly. This is a big issue for those who are already consuming a mediocre diet as obviously you in particular need to be ensuring that you are getting whatever you can from your current food intake.



The individuals whom are recommended not to proceed with a high colonic are those who already have some digestive and intestinal concerns. This would include anyone who is suffering from Crohn's Disease, hemorrhoids, or anyone who happens to be pregnant.



Because this procedure is a rather personal matter, it will also be important that before having it done you ensure you are comfortable with the person doing it.



Make sure you discuss any concerns you have regarding what happens during the high colonic or what you can expect afterwards. The worst thing you could do would be to tense up incredibly while it's taking place as this will increase your discomfort.



Another added benefit you will likely see from having the colonic done is a reduction in constipation.



With regards to the history of high colonics, one of the first individuals to talk about it was John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., who is also the founder of the popular Kellogg's cereal company. He regularly gave speeches during the early 1900's about the process of colon therapy and was strongly recommending those with depression or arthritis to have them done.



However, soon afterwards laxatives became available and this replaced the desire of most individuals to have them performed. Additionally, since many mainstream doctors are not promoting them, that additional factor did not help out all very much in promoting the use of colonics.



The main side effects that you might feel when having a colonic performed are some nausea and fatigue afterwards. This can go on for a few hours so it's important to schedule your appointment for a time when you can relax afterwards.


Additionally you should try to avoid eating as much if possible before the session and discontinue any use of supplements that contain probiotics.


Finally, make sure you are doing your research about whom you are going to see beforehand and ensure they are qualified and have been properly trained. It is an invasive process and as such, you need to really be looking out for your best interests.


So if you feel as though a high colonic would benefit you, don't be afraid to approach someone and discuss it more. When you go for your initial visit you can ask many more questions and determine if it is right for you.



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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.






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