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If you bumped to this page, you probably are wondering whether you should try Dr.Natura Colonix, or whether it's a waste of money. Well, since so many people requested it, I compiled a page of testimonials. Here are some people's experiences with the DrNatura Colonix Program.

Dr Natura Colonix Review:

Ok, so I have been taking Toxinout and Colonix (as well as their DetoxiGreen/Flora Protect supplements) for more than 2 months. I wanted to do a comprehensive cleansing regimen with Toxinout since it helps cleanses the liver (which eliminates toxins). The reason I strayed away from other products such as Puristat, Blessed Herbs, and Bowtrol was because DrNatura was a COMPLETE cleansing system.

My Reactions/Side Effects

After using Toxinout and Colonix for a few months, I experiences some detox effects. Therse were expected, and of course wanted! You want to experience some headaches, and wooziness during the first few weeks, because that means toxins are getting eliminated!


I felt these symptoms in days 3 and 4. I had a huge headache in the 3rd day, and felt some bloating in my stomach as well. There isn't much you can do to battle this, but keep taking Vitamin C supplements, and keep doing detox baths to get those toxins out faster! I still felt some minor headaches later in the first week, but there were minor. Don't fret. about your Colonix results


If you can get through the first few days, everything else should go smoothly. Trust me, the detox effects are not going to kill you (it's going to CURE you!). After the detox effects were over, I felt more energized, and much better. There's also a huge psychological boost when you feel those toxins leaving your body.. because you are now in the stage of healing! Your health ailments are going to be gone soon!

Parasites After First Week

I never expected to see any parasites in my stools - I always thought other people had them - not me. Boy was I wrong. After the first week, I eliminated these tiny white specks.. they were barely visible unless you came really close to them. But they were indeed some form of parasite. I was disgusted, but at the same time grateful.


After the second week, I no longer saw any parasites in my stool. This is the litmus check to ensure all the parasites are gone. That's why you need to do colon cleansing for at least a month... if you see no parasites for 2 weeks straight, you're all good!

Better Bowel Movements

By far, Dr.Natura Colonix really promoted much healthier bowel movements. Beforehand, I would have either constant diarrhea, or struggle to eliminate my bowels. It was horrible, and I had to take laxatives.


At the first 2 weeks though, your bowels will look messy, and disgusting. That's because you will be eliminating a ton of mucoid rope. You know.. that brown icky rubbery stuff you see in most colon cleansing websites? Yep.. I eliminated a ton at the end of my first week. They looked like fat brown dark clumps with strings at the end of it. Remember to take pictures when you do get rid of them!


By the end of the first month, however, I had eliminated most of my mucoid plaque out. And boy, did it feel good! My bowel movements were constant and much more healthier. I was having 1-2 a day, and my bowels were regularly-shaped.


Most people ask me questions such as "Do I need to be near a restroom constantly".. Absolutely not. Why? Because your body and system will adjust, and you will develop a pattern. Some people will have their bowel movement every morning at 9 AM, others at the evening at 6 PM. Whatever is the case, it will be constant, and there will be no surprised. So the answer is NO. You do not need to be near a restroom at all times. Colonix Scam


I am planning to do one more month with Colonix and Toxinout. I know this will help my health in the long run. I am grateful that the kind folks at Dr. Natura made this product. Does Colonix Really Work? You bet ya!


If you suffer from any health problem, and can't find your cure I encourage all of you to start colon cleansing with DrNatura Colonix!



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