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If you found your way to this article, you are probably wondering to yourself: Is Dermacia worth a look? Will it help my skin look smoother, healthier, and glow? Or is it a waste of money?


Well, I compiled a list of testimonials and experiences with Dermacia. Overall, the overwhelming majority of people do experience success with Dermacia - personally I have used it and it was invaluable in getting rid of my chronic acne (along with a healthy diet!). If you suffer from acne, or just bad skin, I would definitely try Dermacia (They have a free trial).


Here are other people's thoughts on Dermacia:


"Hi there.. I'm a dermatologist, and specialize in a number of procedures to heal people's scars such as laser, and various peels. Afterwards I always use Dermacia (Lycogel) and apply it to my patients' skin afterwards.


I do this because it always "calms" their skin down, making it smoother. In addition to using it on my patients, I also use it personally as well. Every single day, I apply Dermacia to my face - I love how it just reduces the amount of wrinkles in your face. The great thing about it is that I don't have to reapply it every single hour throughout the day.


With regular makeup, I'll have to go to the restroom every 3 hours to reapply the makeup. Not with Dermacia. It's conveninent, light, and does wonders in making my skin look healthier and younger, with no wrinkles"


- Anne Troy


"I learned about Dermacia from a friend of mine, and use it almost everyday.. it replaces my normal makeup. Ever since I started using it, I noticed much less wrinkles and lines on my face. Unlike other facial products I've used it doesn't make my skin break out as well.. with other makeup, a day or two afterwards, I notice some acne developing.


I would recommend Dermacia to anyone who is struggling to find a good anti-wrinkle product. But Dermacia is more than just that. It makes your skin look healthier as well, since it supplies your skin with vitamins A, C and E. It also provides much-needed oxygen to your skin naturally - this is what makes it such an effective anti-aging product."


- Wendi Saunders


"Dermacia may not be the fanciest cosmetic you'll see, and I was very skeptical of it at first, but when I started using it last year, I started noticing a huge difference in the way my face looked.


The foundation is absolutely the best skin product I've ever used, and I've used many. It enables plenty of oxygen to reach the inner pores of your skin. As a result, your skin just glows and looks like a young baby! I never had skin that felt so supple or smooth before until I tried Dermacia. I didn't even know my skin could feel this smooth. It felt absolutely amazing.


After years of using skin product after product, I think I finally may have discovered something that works. Dermacia makes my skin look so great, reducing my wrinkles, and providing my skin with natural vitamins and oxygen. All of this with no side effects .. why would it have any side effects? Most of its ingredients are natural!


- Debra Teller


I didn't really want to try Dermacia at first because of the hefty price, but was forced to because of my acne. I needed to find a product that would keep my acne in check, to go alone with detoxing and cleansing. I found out about Dermacia from a close friend, and started using it.


For the first week, I didn't notice much difference, but after a month, my skin just glowed. I still had some acne, but it stopped forming, which was good. After a couple of months though, my skin just transformed. Now it's smooth, supple, and looks so much more healthier.


If you're unsure on whether Dermacia is for you, just try a free trial. It's risk-free, and costs nothing - you're not obligated to pay anything. Try it, you may like what you find!

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