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Colon Cleansing: A Constipation Treatment

Chronic Constipation is a problem that plagues many people - as many as 70% of us have constipation in some point in our lives. Many of us simply brush it off as something we just have to face, and get through. But, it's not that simple. You need help. Why? Because constipation can pose a huge danger to your health. Some of the potential dangers of constipation include:

- When you strain during a bowel movement (obvious symptom of constipation), this puts a lot of pressure on your colon. This causes pouches to be developed in your colon. When food gets stuck in these pouches, you develop diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is a life-threatening disease and constipation is one of the causes of it.

- Hemorrhoids. Yeah you probably heard of this.. because a lot of us have had it. Hemorrhoids are usually not very threatening and are just a minor nuisance. It's unlikely to lead to death or serious illness.

- Colon Cancer. Studies have shown that chronic constipation can increase the risk of developing colon cancer. It makes sense if you think about it. When toxins/wastes are stuck in our colon, and we are constipated, these toxic substances stay around in our body for a long time. Toxins eventually lead to cancer.

Every single day, we consume around 2+ gallons of food, chemicals, liquids, preservatives, and junk. Our digestive system is designed to absorb all the necessary nutrients from this, and eliminate the useless toxic wastes out of our body. This is crucial... the wastes are just toxins.. that can lead to serious diseases such as colon cancer if our colon isn't clean.

When our colon gets clogged, our body not only feel sluggish and awful, but if it continues for a prolonged period, the dangers I listed above can start to develop.

So, now are you convinced you need to start treating your constipation?

Now that you know the potential dangers of constipation, let's start talking about how we can cure it with a natural remedy.
To understand how we can prevent constipation, we need to know the basic causes of it.

What is the cause of chronic constipation ?

- Not enough fiber in your diet.
This is a HUGE reason. We need to get more whole oats, rye, and grains in our diet, and stop eating constipating foods.
- Not enough exercise.
No surprise here. Exercise and diet are the top 2 reasons why constipation occurs. Stop sitting and start getting up and doing something!
- Medications
Certain medication especially acid reflux treatments can cause constipation.
- Traveling a lot
Ever sat on an airplane bathroom? Had a hard time eliminating your bowels? Travelling a lot usually can lead to temporary constipation.
- Using Laxatives too much

What foods are good for constipation?

- High Fiber foods such as whole oats, grain and rye
- Bananas
- Greens such as cabbage, brocolli, spinach, etc.
- Good essential oils such as Fish Oil
- Prune Juice

Changing your diet is the first step to eliminating constipation. However, it does permanently get rid of it. A clogged colon will still remain clogged with toxins. To truly cure constipation we have to start cleansing and detoxifying.

Medication for Constipation

Taking dangerous laxatives or medication may provide constipation relief temporarily, but will never cure constipation permanently. Why? Simply, because they cause dependency. Sooner or later, your colon muscles will become desensitized to bowel movements, and you will need to keep taking laxatives to have a bowel movement!

Colon Cleansing for Constipation

So how can you stop constipation? To eliminate constipation, I recommend doing colon cleansing/detoxification as a home remedy to unclog and cleanse your colon - so that wastes will leave the body faster, reducing the chance of toxins travelling back up our body.

There are many colon cleansers in the market. Some of them are simply powders or fiber shakes you drink. Others are just veggie capsules you conveniently gulp down.

Colonix is a colon cleanser that is mentioned and raved a lot in various online message boards such as curezone. It can be used by anyone, anytime - a toddler or child can use it, and it's completely safe to use during pregnancy (contact a physician prior to make sure).

The thing that is great about Colonix is that it's all-natural herbal remedy. It doesn't cause dependency and it certainly doesn't give you sudden bowel movements without warning. Colonixworks by releasing it cleansing power gradually over 12-13 hours. You know when you have a bowel movement coming up, which saves you from some embarassing moments.

Another good side effect of colon cleansing with Colonix is that your colon is oxygenized as well. When oxygen is released and absorbed by your colon, it provides a healthy environment where helpful bacteria can thrive in. It promotes a healthy colon, and digestive system. The end result is you absorb nutrients better. And we all know this eventually leads to smoother skin, better looking hair and eyes, etc.

But back to constipation.

Constipation is not a "formal" disease like cancer, or AIDS but contrary to public opinion it can lead to health complications in the future such as cancer, and diverticulitis. I know people have a tendency to overlook their health. It's human nature. But, shouldn't you start taking care of your health before it's too late? I volunteer part-time for a hospital and have met patients who just have 1 month to live.. doctors can't help them because it's too late.

So please take care of your body and start relieving your constipation. It's time to renew your body and start living a healthier life!


If you don't have time and lead a busy lifestyle the easiest and most effective way to start cleansing is to simply try a colon cleanser such as the Colonix Program, which personally helped me kill my candida infection, parasites, and eliminated my chronic acne. It is the best colon cleanser out there, as it acts as a colon cleanser and parasite cleanser. If you're looking for an oxygen-based cleanser, then perhaps you should take a look at Oxy-Powder.

Learn More about the Colonix Program

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.







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