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IBS Tales
Read the personal stories of people with irritable bowel syndrome and share your own experiences.

Overcome Illness for Life
Constipation? Beware! Constipation is a major cause of many ailments and should always be dealt with as a matter of dire urgency. (Article by the Natural Health Foundation) explains the importance of squatting for elimination and offers a device for converting an ordinary toilet into a squat toilet.

Constipation: Articles & Links

End Constipation Forever
If you suffer from chronic or frequent constipation, the all natural herbal tea to help constipation we have developed can end your bowel movement problems and end your constipation problems forever!

Constipation can be Caused by an Imbalance in Your System
Do you have any early signs of disease? Our bodies show signs before actual symptoms of disease appear. Free check on the balance of your system. Catch it before it catches you!

Zelmac & IBS Website
Website with a lot of information concerning Zelmac, Constipation, Abdominal Pain and Bloating.

EMedicine - Diverticulitis
Article by Dr. Ahmed Sherif offers a clinical report on diverticulitis, a condition that often leads to abdominal pain and constipation. Learn common symptoms and research treatment options. - Folk Medicine
Includes suggestions for colds, constipation, toothache, insomnia, headache and breakdown as well as links to the full Russian cooking archive.


The following links are some health sites that I hope can provide some value to you. Using a search engine like Google and Yahoo can sometimes be frustrating as they can return wrong results.

Essential Nutrients
A high quality line of supplements formulated to minimize the potential side effects of prescription medications and enhance their effectiveness.
Premium quality herbal teas and tonics used in the treatment of Cancer and other serious disease. Also complimentary herbals such as Stevia and Alkalizing Greens Liquid. Information and On-Line ordering.
Dedicated to providing highest quality alternative health products, nutritional supplements and dietary supplements for health and healthy aging

Blue Fountain- Nutritional Drug Free Healing
Alternative means of self-help medicine with tips on preventing, anemia, flu, depression, cancer, and other related disorders.

Alohadoc Chinese Herbal Doctor
Offers information on Chinese herbal medicine consultations, Hawaii Total Wellness Retreats. Includes the ciriclum vitae for Robert Kelley and details about his Waikoloa clinic.

Holistic Help With Cynthia
Life management and support for people living with chronic illness, disability, or chronic pain. A holistic approach. Also education, personal growth, and weight management services from an alternative holistic approach. Phone or internet sessions.

Planet Herbs
Dr. Michael Tierra's planetary herbology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, alternative medicine website and forums. Courses, seminars, East-West clinic, rare books, articles, supplies, links to other integrated medical sites.

Lichen Planus Treatment Program
[Ghatkopar, Mumbai] Devoted to the homeopathic treatment of this skin disorder.

100% Noni Juice from Tahiti
Online ordering of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) Juice, Noni Cream, Tamanu Cream and Tamanu Oil. Vitamins and Supplements Guide
providing evidence-based and education information on vitamins and minerals.





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