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It's been a while since I did colon cleansing. Three weeks ago I started oxypowder, but without the lemon. I consistently get very long skinny worm-shaped stool, but I don't think it's worms. Then I started up with Colonix about 3 nights ago, and I'm so glad I did -- I don't think the oxypowder was touching the parasites, but this is my second round of Colonix (the first was a year ago), and I remembered how amazed I was at the various critters. I think I'll do 2 months of Colonix and then do another round of Blessed Herbs. When I did the Blessed Herbs program a year and a half ago, that was the only time I've experiencd the ropes, which were quite amazing -- I've been colon cleansing off and on for many years, and never ever have seen ropes except with Blessed Herbs. But I don't remember Blessed Herbs causing me to expel parasites either. I'd rather have the worms out than the mucoid plaque, if I had to choose.
Colonix program

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