What Is Colonic Inertia?

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With more and more individuals becoming concerned over their general health and fitness, many are starting to pay particular attention to their gastrointenstinal system.



Various colon therapies are now available for those who wish to treat their colon and clean out their body.



One particular condition however, colonic inertia, can be really troublesome for certain individuals.



Colonic inertia occurs where muscles or nerves in the colon fail to function effectively. This will then prevent any fecal matter from moving through the colon as it should normally and could lead to issues such as constipation.






The exact cause of colonic inertia is often not known, however in some cases it can be caused by an excessive use of stimulant laxatives or else from various muscle or nerve diseases.



Other possible causes that also contribute to simple constipation as well include:



-an inadequate water intake


-an inadequate fiber intake in the diet


-a disruption of the regular diet or routine due to traveling or other major life altering situations


-a lack of activity or exercise


-eating a large amount of dairy products when one is not used to this


-an increase in stress levels




-neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis


-antacid medicines containing calcium or aluminium


-medicines such as strong pain medications, antidepressants or iron pills


-psychological disorders such as depression or eating disorders


-irritable bowel syndrome




-colon cancer






There are a few different symptoms that one may experience when they have this condition. While you may not show signs of all of these, most will be present to some degree.



-constipation: defined as trouble passing bowel movements or extremely dry stool, making the body feel very uncomfortable.



-diarrhea: having this will likely result in dehydration, which could then result in severe electrolyte imbalances.



-abdominal pain: this could include stomach cramps, a stomach ache or upper abdominal discomfort



-blood coming from the anus: any major loss of blood from the body can grow to become dangerous if measures are not taken



-abdominal distension: individuals who suffer from colonic inertia often find that their stomach starts protruding outwards.



-vomiting: just as with dehydration this can cause an electrolyte balance in the body and can become quite problematic if remedial action is not taken to restore the electrolytes (most notably, potassium and sodium)



-nausea: colonic inertia can cause some individuals to experience great nausea, making them feel less than optimal to go about their daily activities



-slowed gastric emptying: this can cause problems in getting all the nutrients you need to your body in an efficient manner.



There are a couple of different treatment options for those who are suffering from colonic inertia.



The first and more serious treatment would be to have surgery performed. This would be more of an option for those who had very serious internal issues though that required immediate action.



The second and more common treatment is to alter the diet. The individual should begin drinking two to four extra classes of water a day, particularly warm liquids, to help with the passage of bowel movements.



They should also try and add more fruits and vegetables to their diet along with prunes or bran cereal as both are very good sources of dietary fibre.



So if you think you may have colonic inertia, make sure you do take the time to speak with your doctor about it if symptoms seem to be progressing. While it wouldn't really be considered to be an urgent medical condition in most cases, if left to progress many of the symptoms that are involved with it can cause considerable damage to your overall health.



The biggest warning signs that would signal you should be speaking to a medical professional would be if you have blood in any stool you can produce, if there is severe pain of any kind and if the problem has been ongoing for more than two weeks already.





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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.






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