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P&B shakes are one way to colon cleanse. The other way is to use a colon cleanser. There are tons of possibilities, but for the most part people stick with one of 2 cleansers: Dr. Natura's Colonix Program or OxyPowder. Both have their merits. I chose to use Colonix, and have had tons of success with it, but you can use an oxygen-based cleanser if you feel that works for you. Along with these 2 products, there are other ones that other use such as Colpurin, Dual Action Cleanse, and Almighty Cleanser. All of them were either written by me, or visitors who I have a connection with.


New To Colon Cleansing?

If you have NOT done any colon cleansing at all, I would not recommend making your own P&B fiber shakes. The easiest way to cleanse for most beginners is to get a bowel cleansing kit. One of the best ones out there is the Dr Natura's Colonix Program. If you visit health forums, you will see that it's arguably the only sensible option. There just aren't many good colon cleansing kits out there.

New To Colon Cleansing? No Worries, Start Here!



Colonix Review
A review of the product: Colonix

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A closer look at OxyPowder, what it can do for you.

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Reviews of the 4 major cleansers such as Oxypowder and Colonix.

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Dual Action Cleanser Testimonials

Want a natural colon cleanser? Maybe OxyPowder is for you.

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A review of the Master Cleanser regimen.

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The details of the Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs

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Enuvia - a complete body cleansing kit.

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answers to frequently asked questions about colon cleansers.

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things people commonly ask about Colonix

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a short review of the cleanser Puranol.

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Dr. Schulze Program
The Dr. Schulze Program

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A review of the Blessed Herbs product line.

Colon Cleansing Pills
A guide to OTC colon cleansing products

Extreme Colon Cleanser
A review of a cheap colon cleanser: Extreme Colon Cleanser





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