What is a Candida Infection?

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A candida infection is one of those diseases that has recieved a lot of buzz over the years, yet isn't recognized by contemporary doctors as a "true" disease. A candida infection occurs more often in women than men, but it isn't restricted to just women.

So what is a candida infection, anyway?

Our gut has many different kinds of bacteria. When candida, one type of bacteria overpopuulates, this is what we call a candida infection. When candida overpopulates, it generates wastes called mycotoxins. One of the toxins produced is acetaldehyde, which is converted into alcohol by the liver.


Eventually, as more and more alcohol is produced by the body, we can have brain fog. In addition, candida causes an acid to be secreted, which can puncture the intestinal linings, causing Leaky Gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is dangerous, because it allows harmful bacteria and substances from our food to seep into these punctured holes in our intestine, and they eventually end up in our bloodstream.


So a candida infection is as simple as that. An imbalance between different types of bacteria.


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So what causes an infection?

1. Overuse of antibiotics. This is a big one. Antibiotics can destroy good bacteria and cause candida to flourish in our gut. If you have been given antibiotics on a regular basis when you were young for minor colds, or ailments, then you may have candida. The majority of people who have candida have it because of this #1 reason.


2. Stress. When we are stressed, a chemical called cortisol is released. This can suppress the immune system and cause our sugar level to increase. This is a double-whammo: The increase in sugar level allows the yeast cells to multiply, and our suppressed immune system can't fight against the yeast.


3. Eating too many refined carbs and sugar. Sugar actually feeds the candida bacteria and enables it to prosper.


4. Electromagnetic stress


5. Food allergies and malnutrition.


6. Constipation, Bowel troubles


Yep, the colon is involved again. When you constipate, it means stuff is moving really slowly in your intestines. When this happens, your gut becomes too alkaline. Candida flourishes in alkaline places. Thus, constipation puts you at risk in developing a candida infection.


7. Drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can kill good bacteria and allow candida to grow. If you have candida, you should avoid drinking too much beer, as it contains a sugar that can feed yeast.


8. Taking birth control pills. This is also a big cause. Some birth control pills are made of estrogen. Too much estrogen in the body leads to production of yeast. There has been a lot of experiments conducted that show estrogen imbalances can affect the balance of bacteria.

What are the common symptoms?

-Blurred vision
-Jock itch
-Have parasites
-Feeling tired all the time
-Allergies to foods
-Constant Sugar cravings
-Vaginal Thrush
-Constant Bloating, and Gas.
-Pain in the Joints
-Constant Runny Nose
-Brain fog.
-Fungi in fingernails or toenails.

How can I test if I have a candida infection?

The spit test is one of the most common tests, but based on my experience it isn't 100% fool-proof. The best thing to do is this: if you have most of the symptoms outlined above, and are a woman, you should assume you do have a candida infection. What I would do is go to a good herbalist, or a specialist in alternative medicine and get his/her opinion.


Remember this though: The number one cause of candida infection is the overuse of antibiotics. If you were the kind who took antibiotics for every minor ailment, you probably should start a candida cleanse, and learn about home remedies.

What's involved in treating a candida infection?

1. First, and foremost you need to change your diet drastically. As usual avoid any unhealthy foods. Take a digestive enzyme supplement with EVERY meal. Make sure to chew your food thoroughly. If any part of your food remain undigested, you will essentially be feeding the candida.


2. Do a candida cleanse. This involves alternating between taking anti-fungals and then probiotics. Most people with candida opt to use a supplement such as ThreeLac, which has been very effective.


3. Do a bowel cleanse. This involves taking a Psyllium Husk shake(Bentonite Clay not needed, you just need the fiber) every single day, along with a colonic or enemas. Oxypowder is also a good choice.


4. Stretch every day. Jog, do detox baths, get a massage, etc.


5. Take essential supplements to energize the body and give it a boost, such as Ester-C, Calcium Magnesium, Yeast Flakes, Essential Oils (Fish, Cod Liver, etc).


6. Learn what you should do if your baby has a yeast infection, or your breast has a yeast infection.





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