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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.




Internal toxic cleansing, including a liver and kidney cleanse are key elements to an overall successful body cleansing and detoxification. Toxic cleansing can help clear up plenty of strange symptoms that modern medicine can only hide.

If the kidney and liver are not performing at their best you probably have a buildup of toxins in your body that it cannot get rid of on its own. The colon, kidney and liver are the main elimination organs in your body- they are there to eliminate waste products and toxins from your body. It is very important to keep these organs clean so they can keep your body healthy.

The kidneys are so important to your body. One of the most common signs of an unhealthy kidney are kidney stones and urinary tract infections. A kidney cleanse in addition to a liver cleanse will insure the continued long-term health of these vital organs.

The liver performs hundreds of functions necessary for you to maintain good health. An unhealthy liver is able to affect every organ in your body. Symptoms of an unhealthy liver include malnutrition, allergies, poor immune system and even hepatitis in some rare cases. A liver cleanse can help your body function better.

A parasite cleanse is very important to perform before cleansing your kidney and liver. Parasites live on food in or on another organism. They will go to the areas of your body that are not functioning properly. Undergoing a proper parasite cleanse will most likely kill most of the parasites in your body. A trusted store bought parasite cleanse will do the job effectively. First, do the parasite cleanse, kidney cleanse second and then the liver cleanse for optimal health.

Here is the recipe for a Kidney Cleanse:

½ cup dried hydrangea root

½ cup gravel root

½ cup marshmallow root

4 bunches of fresh parsley

Ginger capsules

Uva Ursi capsules

Black cherry concentrate 8 oz.

Vitamin B6, 250 mg

Magnesium oxide, 300 mg (powder form)

~ Measure ¼ cup of each root and set them to soak, all together, in ten cups of water. After at least 4 hours or overnight, add 8 oz. black cherry juice concentrate, heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes. Drink ¼ cup as soon as it cools. Pour the remaining mixture through a strainer and refrigerate.

Boil fresh parsley in 1 qt. of water for 5 minutes. Drink ¼ cup after it cools. Freeze 1 pt. and refrigerate the rest. Dispose of the parsley.

Dosage: Each morning pour together ¾ cup of the root mixture and ½ cup parsley water into a cup. Drink the mixture and equal amounts during the day. Refrigerate. Do not drink all at once. Start on half this dose if you have a sensitive stomach.

Save the roots after the first boiling and store in freezer. After 3 days boil the same roots again, but only with 6 cups of water and simmer for 10 minutes. This supply should last you 8 days for a total of 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks repeat with fresh herbs. You should do the kidney cleanse for 6 weeks to get excellent results. If you have severe problems do the cleanse longer.

Also take:

Ginger capsules: 2 with each meal (6 per day)

Uva Ursi cpaules: 2 with each meal (6 per day)

Vitamin B6 (250 mg): once a day

Magnesium oxide (300 mg) once a day

Take these supplements before eating.

Here is the recipe for the liver cleanse:

2 grapefruits

4 lemons

300 ml of filtered water

2 tablespoons of Udo's Choice

1 teaspoon of acidophilus

2 cloves of fresh garlic

2 inches of fresh ginger root

Dash of cayenne paper


1. Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit and lemon into a blender

2. Grate the garlic and ginger. Use a garlic press and squeeze this into the juice.

3. Add the water, Udo's oil and acidophilus and blend for 30 seconds

4. Add more garlic and or ginger to taste if you want.

There should be no side effects to this drink. It is recommended to do this cleanse over the weekend and start it in the morning and stay close to home.


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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.






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