Baby Yeast Infection

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Every human, regardless of sex or age, have harmless amounts of yeast in their bodies. This yeast usually lives in the mouth, skin, bowels, and for women, in the vagina. It thrives on warm, wet environments. For babies, a diaper rash that is left untreated can easily become infected with yeast. If your baby's condition does not get better within a day or two with the usual treatment you should see your baby's doctor for advice. Any diaper rash that does not clear up withing 48 hours of applying diaper rash cream may be a yeast infection.


Also if your baby has a yeast infection in his mouth called thrush, the baby may also end up with a yeast infection in his/her diaper as well. This is because yeast passes through the baby's digestive system when it eats, which ends up in the stool. The stool ends up landing in the diaper next to warm, damp skin.


A baby may get an oral yeast infection from his/her mother if the baby is being breastfed. If the mother has a yeast infection she can in return pass it on to her baby. When a baby develops thrush, there are visible white patches in the baby fs mouth, especially on the tongue.


A baby may be more susceptible to yeast infections if the baby is taking antibiotics or if the mother who is breastfeeding is taking antibioitcs. The reason for this is that the antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria. Without the good bacteria, yeast can grow a lot more.


You can usually tell the difference between a yeast infection and a normal diaper rash. With a yeast infection there is a rash that may have multiple red bumps, pus-filled bumps, or a scaling pattern on the skin that is infected. The rash may also be along the pubic area all the way to the lower part of the abdomen. It also shows up in the skin folds of the groin area.


To treat a baby yeast infection, the best way is to use a topical anti-yeast or an antifungal cream, such as Nystatin, Lotrimin AF, or Monistat. These creams are available without a prescription at the drug store. Follow the directions on the label. The rash will not disappear instantaneously, but instead take a few days to clear up.


It is not necessary to see a doctor about a possible yeast infection right away. First try the antifungal cream. If the rash doesn't improve withing three days of use, contact the baby's doctor.


You can take steps to try to prevent yeast infections from occuring. First is if your baby is taking an antibiotic or has recently recovered from thrush, you may not be able to prevent a yeast infection completely. Although you can't completely prevent it you can create an environment that does not welcome yeast, areas that are not dark and moist. Three steps you can take are to change your baby's wet and soiled diapers as soon as possible.


You should clean you baby's bottom very well after he/she has had a bowel movement and give the bottom a chance to dry before a new diaper is put on. Lastly do not put diapers on so tight that the air cannot circulate around the babies skin. Even if you follow all of these steps, your child might still get a yeast infection. Don't worry. Simply call your pediatrician for help treating your baby's yeast infection.


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The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.






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