My Story: From Cripples to Joy


Ever since I was little I was stricked with chronic yeast infections and candida. This lead to other symptoms, such as chronic acne, weight gain, and chronic fatigue. My inner symptoms were health-threatening but the effect it had on my appearance were psychologically damaging as well. When I reached college, I weighed 150 lbs. I had severe, chronic acne. Every other day, I had new spots popping up - big, huge cysts that covered my nose, ears, cheeks.. it was disgusting. Needless to say, my social life suffered.


I knew nothing about naturopathic medicine and how to cleanse my body. I kept visiting various doctors and each one told me to take this pill or that antibiotic. My shelves were literally filled with more than 50 bottles of different medications, as well as all kinds of vitamins. After every doctor visit, I was depressed, and just went back to my room, and cried all day.


During this time, I had to attend college, and pay for it with a part-time job. I had no motivation to do well in school and even when I tried to pay attention, I'd feel tired quickly. As soon as the day was over, I just wanted to go home, and sleep. Not just because I was depressed, but because I was constantly tired.


I weighed a gross 150 lbs during that time, and started to just not care about healing myself anymore. I turned to junk food, and sleeping as diversions. I avoided any social contact, and stopped doing activities and hobbies. Eventually I just dropped out of college since I was doing so bad.

Suicidal Thoughts

My condition was so bad, and my acne was so severe that I had serious thoughts about committing suicide. When I went to take the subway to work everyday, standing on the train platform, I thought to myself 'You can just end it right here. right now'.


I was embarassed 24/7 to go out. I didn't want to hear about acne or weight loss, and when people were talking about it I felt awkward. It never ended.


It wasn't until a total stranger that commented on my appearance that I learned about body cleansing (and colon cleansing). He told me about how our colon is the key organ to vital health, and most of us have toxic colons, leading to bad health. He told me the entire regimen step-by-step, and urged me to researched more about it.


Though I don't know this kind stranger, he literally saved my life, and to this today I am thankful for his kind help, and leading me to the path of naturopathy and natural cleansing. Without his help, I don't know if I even would be on this earth today.


I am a totally changed person today, thanks to naturopathic medicine. After a series of colon cleanses, parasite cleanses, and an anti-fungal regimen, I am now as active and happy as ever. I have been feeling this way for more than a couple of years now, and it feels so wonderful to wake up everyday with so much energy, wanting to experience life. I weigh just 110 lbs, and no longer have chronic acne. Complete body cleansing really restored my life, and appearance.


That is my story, and that is why I decided to create this website - to share with others what has worked for me. I am not an opponent of conventional medicine - but it simply did not work for me. I am a part-time herbalist and believe in treating diseases with natural methods first, then turning to pills, antibiotics and surgery as a last resort.


If you feel desperate, I urge you to give cleansing a try - when I first about it, I thought "Oh, not another treatment, like this will work on me." On that day, a miracle happened and a year later, I was completely healed. It doesn't hurt to try, so start colon cleansing now - it might change your life.


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