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Green Tea has been a popular health drink the past few years, but lately WuLong Tea has stolen some of its spotlight. WuLong Tea, also known as Oolong tea is a very old Chinese tea, but it has been featured in health shows and even talk shows like Oprah for its effectiveness in losing weight. When I was little, I remembered my mother always drank a cup of Wulong tea before she ate dinner. She told me that it helped digestion. She sometimes joked with me, telling me not to drink too much tea because I was so skinny (since you can lose a lot of weight).


Wu Long Tea

WuLong Tea is a very healthy and refreshing tea. It contains a whole spectrum of aromas that make it distinct from green or black tea. There are many flavors such as Pouchong, and Ti Kuan Yin. They all have subtly different tastes. The first time you drink it, you will feel a tingly feeling because it has a stronger aroma than any other tea.

How much caffeine does WuLong Tea contain?

Wulong tea usually has around 1/2 the amount of caffeine as black or green tea.

How is WuLong Tea made?

Farmers usually pick the tea leaves, making sure they are mature and fully grown. After awhile they allow the leaves to oxidize, a process called "withering". During this process, the Wulong tea leaves are simply left outdoors in the sun. Of course, sunny weather is preferable, but surprisingly farmers prefer a little wind too.


During this process of oxidation, the tea leaves become darker. When this process is done, the leaves are moved back indoors, where they are rotated at a temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterwards, the Wulong leaves are heated for 5 minutes or so at extremely high temperatures. Before the temperature drops, the leaves are rolled in mills. These leaves are spread out on a drying machine, and dried out several times. It's a very interesting process... they should have WuLong tea tours to see how they're made!


WuLong tea is partially oxidized, whereas black tea is 100% oxidized. Wulong tea brew to a golden-like color, releasing a very fruity aroma.


A compound known as catechins are abudant in fresh tea leaves. However, when you process the raw tea (oxidize it), the number of catechins decrease. White tea usually has the most catechins, and green tea is second.


So the point is oxidation does not lead decrease the healthy components of tea. All it does it "trade" an anti-oxidant for another anti-oxidant. This is why we should just drink 1 single type of tea, but instead try to drink a variety of healthy teas, and get a whole range of anti-oxidants.

Where can I find WuLong Tea?

If you live in a very populous city like NYC or San Francisco, chances are there is a Chinese community near you. Wulong tea can easily be found in Chinese herbal shops or regular grocery stores. WuLong Tea is usually made in Taiwan, so if you can find a website that imports the tea from Taiwan, they should be authentic.


If you are eating in an authentic Chinese restaurant, the waiters will usually ask what kind of tea you prefer. They usually will have Wulong tea available, so simply ask them for it.

What are the Health Benefits of WuLong Tea?

Studies have shown WuLong tea can help:
- Diabetes
- Acne and Eczema
- Allergies
- Infections
- Cavities
- Weight Gain and Obesity
- Reducing the effects of smoking
- Increasing metabolism
- Helping digestion
- Reduce risk of heart disease


WuLong tea is definitely good for your health, and can aid the digestive system to work better, and for weight loss as well. After a recent Japanese study in 2003 that drinking WuLong tea can promote weight loss, it seems the popularity of this tea has simply skyrocketed. Drinking Oolong tea alone by no means will help you shed your excess weight permanently - regular exercise, and a healthy diet is as important, if not more crucial. However, drinking 7-10 cups of Wulong tea a week is a great start.


Drink WuLong early and often, and enjoy it! Have a WuLong Tea party, invite some friends, and enjoy drinking tea while chatting about the little joys of life!

The TRUTH About Colon Cleansing    Ever Do A Colon Cleanse?

You must learn the secret about colon           What is known, and what is unknown
cleansing, or you'll regret it.                              Real cleansing photos. You decide.







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