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A couple of months ago, I wrote about my colon cleansing regimen with a colon cleanser called OxyPowder. So I thought I'd write this brief review to help my visitors decide if OxyPowder is right for them. I mostly use P&B shakes, but use products when I don't have the time to make shakes. I chose Oxy-Powder since it was raved in CureZone and other online forums


1. OxyPowder is an oxygen-based colon cleanser that releases beneficial oxygen into the intestinal tract to melt away the toxins and fecal matter from the intestines and colon. Click here to get a discount on OxyPowder...


2. It is not geared towards people who want to diet and lose weight, but you can experience weight loss when taking it.


3. OxyPowder is ideal for those who are constantly busy with work and don't have the time to make P&B (Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay) shakes. OxyPowder is just a capsule, and all you have to do is take 3-5 a day.


4. I would classify OxyPowder as excellent for those who don't want the hassle of making P&B shakes. Three years ago, I took P&B shakes. However, recently, as someone who works part-time, and attends an institution part-time, I prefer to take OxyPowder.


5. After 1 week of Oxy-Powder, my bowel movements started to become much more regular. Instead of 1 bowel movement a week, I had 2 a day. The biggest health benefit was that I felt more energized, and rejuvenated.


6. A caveat I would add is that in order for your colon to be cleansed, you also need to have a healthy, clean diet and take essential nutrients while cleansing.


You can take the best colon cleanser as long as you want, and as often as you want, but if your colon is being bombarded with junk food at the same time, you will never be clean.


So I'm suggesting you take a holistic approach to colon cleansing, and not just decide which cleanser to take, but also focus on living a more healthier lifestyle.


- OxyPowder has a 100% money-back guarantee and writes: "Use OxyPowder for colon cleansing and your constipation. If you do not notice significant cleansing your order is risk-free."


- Every person's body is different. It's worth mentioning a product that has worked for someone may not work on another person. Experiment with OxyPowder - but I recommend you try to find the regimen that is effective for you.


- To have a complete cleanse, you should use OxyPowder for at least 1 month. For those with chronic problems, you should cleanse for 2 months. So 3-4 bottles is probably enough.


- If you take OxyPowder (or P&B shakes or any other cleanser), it is very important that you supplement with a good probiotic such as Latero-Flora or Primal Defense to replace the beneficial bacteria.


So should you do a colon cleanse with OxyPowder? Only you can answer that question, but I'd consider using this product for a 4-8 week cleanse if you don't have the time to make P&B shakes.


While I didn't start cleansing with OxyPowder, it has really helped relieve my constipation, and has given me more energy.


In short, it's a great cleanser to use and is ideal for those who live a busy life. If you don't lead a busy life, you may still want to use it since it provides much-needed oxygen to your bowels (something fiber shakes can't do)


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