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If you're reading this review, you probably want answers to the questions:


Is Colonix Safe? Does Colonix really work? And where to buy Colonix?


I bought the Colonix program more than 2 years ago, and tried it as part of a cleansing regimen. Colonix comes with a colon cleanser, a digestive tea in KleriTea, as well as a parasite cleanser in Paranil (one of the best parasite cleansers).

Is Colonix Safe?

Many people have reservations on the possible side effects of the Dr. Natura program. Yes, the program is completely safe because it uses natural ingredients. The main ingredients in Colonix are Psyllium Husk, Flax Seed, Alfalfa, Guar Gum, Fennel Seed, and Aloe Vera.


These are all natural substances that are completely healthy when consumed alone. Unlike drugs, and pills, DrNatura is a cleansing/detoxing program. It cleanses your intestines with natural ingredients, that will completely rid your colon and liver of harmful toxins. What good with cleansing do if it did contain artificial ingredients? Colonix is completely natural.


Many people also have worries that colon cleansing can wash out probiotics that are in our intestines. This is a legitimate concern, but this is why Dr Natura offers Toxinout - a liver cleansing program, as well as a probiotic. You should buy Toxinout when buying Colonix because of this added benefit. If you don't want to buy Toxinout, you should supplement with some other probiotic.

Does Colonix Really Work?

As I mentioned, I tried Colonix some years ago as I was battling candida albicans. I bought the program - a 3 month supply, and tried the program for 3 whole months. My results were not immediate, and neither should yours. Don't expect to be healed after just 7 days. Those so-called 7 day cleansing programs are a complete hoax.


Our bodies and colon are full of toxins due to a LIFETIME of bad diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. This can't be healed in just 7 days. It can be healed in the course of 2-3 months with colon cleansing however.


After 3 months, my candida was completely eliminated, as was my chronic acne. I tell so many people about the frustrations I went through. I tried countless products.. countless drugs.. visited countless doctors.. read so many books, and was unable to find out what caused my candida and acne.


Finally, I learned about cleansing from an alternative health forum, and learned about the need to bowel cleanse. That's when I discovered the program. I was hesistant to try it, but after 3 months, I now want to persuade everyone that yes, Colonix really works. Colonix Ingredients

Where to Buy Colonix?

The best place to get Colonix is of course, from their official website. You can get Colonix here for a discount:
Colonix program

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