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We all have probably heard about Colonix - it's arguably the most popular colon cleansing product out there. Because a lot of my visitors have send me various questions regarding the use of Colonix such as how frequently they should use it, is it safe, etc. I decided to create a FAQ. If you are interested in Colonix, you can get a discount for Colonix here.


1. How does Colonix work in cleansing the colon?

Colonix is a fiber cleanser that cleanses our bowels by keeping stuff moving. It uses fiber to "push" everything out of our bowels fast, to prevent constipation. The fiber absorbs harmful toxins and breaks down fecal matter stuck in the nooks of our colon. By doing so, our colon is kept clean.

2. What are some noticeable health benefits of Colonix?

The end of constipation, and bloating are the main health benefits of Colonix. Some people who use it literally go from 1 bowel movement every 2 days to 5 bowel movements in the first day. It is usually described as an "explosive" colon cleanser in that results can be seen within the first few days.

Some Colonix users have reported noticeable weight loss. A friend of mine - Jesse lost 15 lbs in the course of 2 months when taking Colonix. Of course, not everyone will lose this much, but chances are you will lose some weight. Why? Well, toxins and fecal matter in our colon can make us bloated, and add a few lbs to our weight. By eliminating these toxins that have literally accumulated in YEARS, the result is weight loss.

In addition, some people experience a burst of energy, and no more cravings after cleansing with Colonix. Toxins can cause brain fog, and sluggishness at times. When these toxins are removed, we absord nutrients better, and feel much better.

The Colonix Intestinal Program also comes with Paranil, which helps eliminate parasites. You might think "No thanks.. I got no parasites". You could be wrong - More than 50% of people are reported to have some sort of parasites in their body. These parasites can lay egg, and lead to toxins. Everyone needs to do parasite cleansing.

3. What are the main ingredients of Colonix?

The fiber supplement is made of flax and fennel seed, licorice, aloe vera, pectin, psyllium husk, and papaya. The Paranil parasite cleanser is made of Black Walnut Hul, WormWood, and Paul DArco Powder. KleriTea is made of the senna lea, fennel seed, and rose hip.

4. Is there a special diet I should have?

The great thing about Colonix is that you don't have to drastically change your diet at all when taking it. Most people opt to make their diet cleaner when cleansing - this means drinking more water, and eating less junk. Make sure you do not over-eat. Keep your meals short, and less than 5 a day. Fasting is not necessary before taking DrNatura Colonix as well.

5. How long should I be on the Colonix Program?

Dr. Natura recommends being on the program for 2 months optimally. But if you can just afford to buy a month's supply of Colonix, then it's alright to just buy 1 pack. They also suggest you cleanse for maintenance, which is a good idea. Do 2-4 weeks of colon cleansing with Colonix every year, and that will do your colon wonders.

7. Would you recommend Colonix?

I used many other colon cleansers that could be found cheaply, but none of them achieved the same health benefit as Dr. Natura's Colonix. If you are looking to just put an end to temporary constipation, Colonix probably isn't for you. If you're looking for a complete cleansing system (it contains a colon cleanser + parasite cleanser), Colonix is definitely the best, most popular option out there. Everyone from popular health forums such as Curezone seems to rave about it, for good reason. It's a very high-quality product, and I definitely recommend it to my fellow visitors.


If you don't have time and lead a busy lifestyle the easiest and most effective way to start cleansing is to simply try a colon cleanser such as the Colonix Program, which personally helped me kill my candida infection, parasites, and eliminated my chronic acne. It is the best colon cleanser out there, as it acts as a colon cleanser and parasite cleanser. If you're looking for an oxygen-based cleanser, then perhaps you should take a look at Oxy-Powder.

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